Thursday, June 1, 2017

Book Review: New York, Actually

By Sara Steven

Molly is a closeted relationship advice blogger. Daniel is one of the wealthiest divorce lawyers in New York City. Neither believe in happily ever after, preferring to steer clear of anything even remotely romance-worthy. They have a substantial amount of baggage between the two of them. This sort of opposites attract, despite all hurdles, is what makes New York, Actually such an enjoyable read!

I found their relationship to be a refreshing take on the realism between couples. Not everything is lovey dovey all the time. Many of us have been scorned, had our hearts broken, and in Molly’s case, there may be skeletons in the closet that are better left hidden away. She’s terrified of the repercussions, what Daniel will think of her. On the flip side, Daniel has seen his fair share of marriages gone awry, beginning with his own family. It’s put him off having anything serious with anyone, no matter the cost. Lucky for him, Molly feels the same way. She is unlovable, by her standards. A fact proven time and again with any relationship she has tried to pursue.

Molly has a background in psychology, which makes this all the more believable. It’s so easy to counsel others, yet it’s hardest when you have to turn the microscope on your own life. I appreciated how Sarah Morgan highlighted this fact for her readers. It would be easy to say, “hey, Molly should have this completely figured out, given her education, her background”, yet it’s never that easy, not for any of us. We’ve all got our own insecurities, no matter how strange that might be to others. Sometimes, it takes an outside source (and a whole lot of support) to help us see the light.

As always, I love how the other characters from the Manhattan with Love series pops into play. Like Fliss and Harriet, who run The Bark Rangers- they happen to be Daniel’s sisters. I have a feeling one (or both) ladies will have center stage in the future, possibility their own stories to continue on with the Manhattan thread. It was also nice to reunite with Eva from Miracle on 5th Ave. I love how everyone is so intricately woven together, one big family. It's one of the biggest reasons every single book in the series is so fantastic, including this one.

Thanks to Harlequin for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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