Friday, June 9, 2017

Book Review: The Internet Made Me Do It

Before you read on, get book one for FREE! There are no spoilers here, but you should still read the first book anyway because it's just that much fun! (See our review.)

It’s been forty-three days, seven hours and twenty-six minutes since reporter Avery Fowler last consulted her favourite website,, for advice.

But now—her mouse finger’s getting itchy:

You see, after a year of highs, the lows are coming fast and furious.

Maybe just this one time, she can turn to Clem…

Dear Is it hacking if it’s my boyfriend’s computer?
Dear What’s in fashion for S&M: leather or lace?
Dear Should there be icicles in my turkey?
Dear Is the definition of “hooker” flexible?

Does Avery have an unhealthy Internet advice dependency? Probably.

But it would never steer her wrong—would it?


Just when Avery thought she was out, pulled her back in! The romantic comedy, The Internet Made Me Do It is Book 2 in the Avery Fowler 2.0 Series. If you enjoyed BRIDGET JONES' DIARY or CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, Avery is the woman for you! (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

Sara Steven:

I realized something, after diving into the second installment in Avery’s world.

I really, really missed her!

She’s the type of character I wish I were friends with in real life. Funny. Charming. Always telling it exactly like it is, even if in doing so, it gets her into all sorts of trouble. I’m amazed at the heap of misadventures and odd-ball situations that Avery often finds herself in. There were so many moments where I felt as though I were witnessing the beginnings of a train wreck, filling me with a need to reach inside the pages and protect her from causing undue harm to herself, yet at the same time I couldn’t look away, and if I were totally honest, I didn’t want to! Those moments were ultimately the best, because there was no way I’d stop reading and not find out what happens to Avery and those around her at every single turn.

I wasn’t sure if the second book could top the first in this series (Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery). Yet Jennifer Ammoscato proved me wrong. The Internet Made Me Do It was amazing, from start to finish, inspiring me to be crazy free to express myself a little bit more, with a little more gumption, just like Avery would. I’m so glad Avery’s world is a trilogy, because one book would never be enough, and I look forward to reading the third installment, The Internet Never Lies, so I can see what’s in store for our girl!

Melissa Amster:

When this book became available, I replied to the review request by just saying "YES!" And then I pretty much inhaled it as soon as it was sent to my Kindle.

I agree with Sara, that book two is even better than book one. (And topping the original can be hard to do in a sequel.) Avery had me laughing out loud, smiling, cringing, sympathizing, etc. I also agree about wanting Avery around in real life. She'd be so much fun to have as a friend. I love the Confessions of a Shopaholic comparison because Avery reminds me of Becky Bloomwood in some ways.

There are a lot of new adventures and surprises in store for Avery this time around. Get book one now (see's FREE), so you can read this one right away afterward. Kind of like binge-watching a don't want to stop at just one episode. Sara and I had to wait for this one. (Yeah, let that sink in.) You don't. And book three is even available now, so you could just spend a whole weekend with Avery. (Or savor it so you can enjoy more Avery adventures when you really need a pick-me-up. I know we're doing that...but we won't be waiting too long.)

I didn't cast Avery's best friends (or her nemesis) in my last review, so here goes:
Becca: Marguerite Moreau
Jordan: Michelle Monaghan
Harrison: Josh Dallas
Chantal: Kate Hudson

Thanks to Jennifer Ammoscato for the book in exchange for an honest review.


Janine said...

Great review. I just downloaded the first book.

Jennifer Ammoscato said...

I am so thrilled that you both liked it! Avery's gonna celebrate this weekend, baby!! :)

dstoutholcomb said...

sounds fun! Thanks for the freebie


Dianna said...

This sounds like the kind of book I would love. My sister and I just saw BJD3 a few weeks ago and laughed SO hard. We need more stories like that!

Anonymous said...

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