Monday, May 15, 2017

Guest Book Review: The Simplicity of Cider

By Caryn Strean

As cliche as it sounds, there's something to be said about curling up with a good book on a rainy day. With last weekend's weather in the Midwest less than ideal, it was the perfect time to devour Amy E. Reichert's newest, The Simplicity of Cider. What made it even better was the story takes place from summer to fall so a warm blanket was the icing on the cake as I read about the Lunds and their apple orchard.

We first meet protagonist Sanna Lund who has grown up in Door County, Wisconsin, a tourist town, along with her father, Einars. Sanna has been spending her time trying to bottle the perfect ciders, not realizing all the work and money it takes to keep the family orchard running.

So her father hires Isaac, a single father running with his young son from California, looking for any escape from their previous life. After a minor accident with Einars, Sanna is forced to accept the help as she realizes these two have more to them than meets the eye.

This novel's relatable characters quickly got to me. I understood Sanna's stubbornness to fight for what she wanted and not to let her orchard go. As a mother, I felt for Isaac's instinct to do right by his son, no matter what it cost. Even Einars cut corners to make sure Sanna was able to fulfill her dream of creating ciders.

A perfect read for fans of The City Baker's Guide to Country Living and The Promise of Pierson Orchard, this is also a book that would be a great read for a weekend after a stressful week or one to generate lots of discussion at your book club. A bit predictable in parts but a light-hearted escape into the Lunds' world. I look forward to reading Amy's first two novels.

Thanks to Gallery for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Caryn Strean is a mom by day and reader by night. Asking her to name her favorite book is like asking her to choose a favorite child. Her friends call her The Book Whisperer. Caryn can be reached on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.

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