Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Reader Spotlight: Susieqlaw

We're doing a new series at the blog for readers to do either guest posts or interviews. One reader will be featured each month, and if it's a theme month, that will be the focus. 

Our guest today is one we know pretty well. She's a regular at CLC, but also a bit of a mystery. Since we respect her privacy, we have no idea what she looks like. She also doesn't wish to share her real name or location with anyone, but you can only be so safe online these days, so her privacy wishes are respected once again! Anyway, Susieqlaw is really sweet and we enjoy checking out her blog to see her latest book recommendations. Visit Susieqlaw at Twitter and Instagram.

Susieqlaw is an avid reader and writer. She learned to read at an early age and spent serious time at the library...eventually organizing all the books in the house with library cards guided by the Dewey Decimal system. Next, in elementary school, she started a family newsletter.

Susieqlaw went on to contribute to poetry publications, to contribute to life writing pieces. and to contribute to non fiction publications mainly concerning US relations in the Middle East.

Susieqlaw's favorite book so far this year is The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. Susieqlaw's favorite show this year (no spoilers) has been the return of The Gilmore Girls. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, exercising, playing the piano, singing, drawing, and painting.

Susieqlaw just received the best compliment from her piano professor yesterday who called her "a positive light in a crazy world."

What book were you hesitant to pick up but then loved once you read it? 
Goodnight June by Sarah Jio.

What does the term "chick lit" mean to you?
Chick lit means fiction reading materials that are lighter than a suspense or thriller. Chick lit contains at least one main character but more often more than one character. Humor and relationships are included. Chick lit is one of my favorite genres.

What are the next three books in your TBR pile? 
Always by Sarah Jio, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, and Falling by Jane Green. I am currently reading Hungry Heart by JenniferWeiner and love it so far.

What is your favorite song to listen to during the winter holidays? 
"The Peace Carol" by John Denver and performed with The Muppets. Also, I love "All is Well" and "Joy to the World."

What is the best holiday gift you have ever received?
My uncle gave me this huge teddy bear when I was eight. Best gift ever!

What is your favorite treat that only comes out during the winter holidays? 
Diet Sierra Mist CRANBERRY, Joy tea by Tazo, so many!


Janine said...

Susieqlaw is a name I recognize from being around the book world in contests and commented on posts. It's nice to learn a little bit about her. I like that she keeps herself a mystery. Maybe it's something we should all learn to do. I know I share too much at times and often regret it. She is smart to keep her personal life private.

susieqlaw said...

Thanks, Janine.

rhonda said...

Wonderful getting to know Susieqlaw a twitter Instagram book pal even though we have never met.A lovely interview.😍

Jennifer O'Regan said...

Three cheers for Susie! xo

Book Lover in Florida said...

Yay for Susie! <3 You are so supportive of the small business groups - including authors and bloggers!! You are appreciated!

susieqlaw said...

Thank you so much!!

susieqlaw said...
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susieqlaw said...

Thank you!

susieqlaw said...

Thank you, Jenny!