Friday, December 9, 2016

Book Review: You'll Grow Out of It

By Sara Steven

I’ve spent most of my teen years/adult life feeling as though I don’t quite measure up when it comes to modern femininity. I was the tomboy who carried a man’s wallet in the butt pocket of her Levi’s, never quite grasping the concept of makeup. How to wear it. Where to put it. Still haven’t, I’m afraid. I feel most comfortable in the quintessential jeans and t-shirt combo, complete with Chuck Taylor's on my feet.

In Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out of It, we read about Jessi’s experiences as a tomboy, growing up without her own knowledge of modern femininity. Complete with uni-brow and a package of big-bottomed discount underwear that would never, ever show its face at a Victoria’s Secret, Jessi gives us insight into what it’s like going from an ugly duckling to swan, although she doesn’t feel she’s anywhere close to being a swan. In fact, there’s a whole chapter devoted to the difference between “Poodles” and “Wolves”, and how some women are destined to be the sexiest things on the planet, while others are built more for the girl-next-door.

Even though Jessi and I live totally different lifestyles, I felt her stories on relationships, health, extracurricular activities (in or out of the bedroom), and life in general were relatable. She has a voice that speaks up about the issues no one else would usually feel comfortable talking about, the stuff we tend to put a filter on. It’s a refreshing take on the highs and lows of being a woman.

No matter if you’re in or out of the spotlight, you’re still subject to criticism, whether it’s from others or handed out internally. While I feel I’ve adopted a few feminine traits and necessities as I’ve matured, and Jessie has, as well, I get the feeling that no matter what, she’ll never truly feel as though she’s a Poodle, and in the end, she’s totally fine with that. I am, too.

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing  for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Janine said...

Great review. This is one book I might have a hard time relating to. I have always been a girly girl. But I did have a couple summers that I decided to play in the creek and catch snakes to bring home and scare my mother with. I guess those could have been my tomboy days.