Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June Reader Spotlight: Jodi Marinich

We're doing a new series at the blog for readers to do either guest posts or interviews. One reader will be featured each month, and if it's a theme month, that will be the focus. 

This month's reader has been a follower of CLC for quite some time, so we wanted to get to know her better. 

Jodi Marinich is a stay-at-home mom of two children. She is a former underwriter for a large auto insurance company, but left when she had children. Jodi enjoys helping out at her childrens' school (which she finds being in everyday), and relaxing while reading a good book. She lives in New Jersey.

What does the term "chick lit" mean to you?
I have to say that to me "chick lit" means a book written with a love story in mind that combines love, hot men, some angst, and hot scenes thrown in for good measure.

What book were you hesitant to pick up but then loved once you read it?
I didn't want to jump on the band wagon, but the first time I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey, I found myself loving it and wanting to read more and more. I read all kinds of genres but two of my favorite authors are Marie Force and Nicole Edwards.

What are the next three books in your TBR pile?
What's Left of Us by Michele Tucker
Sexiest Couple Alive (Book Two) by M. Clarke
Taxi by Cambria Herbert

Which TV show, book, or movie reminds you most of your own life?
This is a tough question. I would say there isn't one TV show, book or movie reminds me of my life...It would be a hodgepodge of many..

What is your longest friendship?
My longest friendship is with my BFF that I met at work. He and I clicked so well and have been friends ever since. So I would say we are going on almost 20 years now. He is and always will be part of my family.

If you could take us on a tour of your home, where would we go first?
I would take you to my family room. It is where my family spends most of our time. It has a big screen TV (thanks to my husband) and all the kids toys that we try to contain. My home is definitely lived in and I love it.


Janine said...

Hi Jodi, I enjoyed reading your spotlight. I love that your best friend is a man. So many people think men and women can't be friends. But one of my best friends is a man too (he also happens to be my ex-husband).

Grandma Cootie said...

I feel like I am starting over now, in retirement. Not at all bad, but with family and health issues not at all like I expected.