Thursday, June 23, 2016

Everything's coming up tulips for Kacie Davis a book giveaway

We're pleased to have Kacie Davis Idol here today to talk about her debut novel, The Tulip Factory. Thanks to Inkshares, we have FIVE copies to give away!

Kacie is married and the mother of a baby girl. She was born and raised in the small, yet congested town of *Kernersville, North Carolina. As the middle child of three sisters, she always had a certain fire within; whether it was fighting over who got the front seat or making questionable decisions just to say that it was her own choice. Her life experiences, along with some crazy situations her friends went through, inspired her lead character, whom she first started writing about in November of 2014. 

You can find Kacie on Twitter.

*Melissa A: Funny enough, I recently sent a prize to a reader in Kernersville. After never having heard of that town before, it's interesting that it came up twice in one week. What are the odds?!? This reader is especially excited about the book, since it features her favorite flower!

Before they exchange even a single word, Corrine knows that James will change everything. And sure enough, their serendipitous meeting in a North Carolina coffee shop sets off a whirlwind of desire and possibilities for the two.

Timing, however, isn’t on the couple’s side. After their relationship ends, Corrine finds that years of putting her career and passions on hold for love have led to a stalled life. She once saw her receptionist job as temporary but got too comfortable and, before she knew it, lost sight of her dream of becoming a writer.

Now, as Corrine makes her way into her late twenties, she’s on a quest to find herself. As she struggles to figure out what she really wants, she’ll discover that sometimes you have to take happiness into your own hands and that a fulfilling life is built on opportunities—even the missed ones.

What did you do to celebrate when you were first published?
Honestly, I sat on my front porch, poured a glass of wine and took like 20 pictures of my little girl holding my book. It was actually pretty perfect.

What do you do when you get writer’s block?
Running and music. While I was working on this book I created a playlist and named it The Tulip Factory. Nothing throws me back in the game better than burning energy while blasting songs that force images and ideas into my head. It literally makes writer’s block disappear.

Describe your writing style in three words.
Bittersweet, feel good.

If you could cast The Tulip Factory for the big screen, which actors would you choose for the lead roles?
This is such a fun question! You have no idea how much I have thought about this. Okay, so for Corinne I would cast Teresa Palmer. She is so naturally pretty and I feel like she could take on this role perfectly; she has this look of innocence with a little bit of a young and wild side.

James would definitely be played by Milo Ventimiglia, but this next part is very important, it has to be the Milo with full facial hair and the long hair pushed back. He wears this look so well and if he did push ups for like a month he would be off the charts perfect!

Dennis Quaid would be Kevin, Corinne’s dad. Hands down, best movie dad ever. Perfect crow’s feet, adorable smile and a trusting voice.

Laurie, Corinne’s mom, would be played by Maria Bello. She is about the right age with soft, natural features. Not to mention, she and Dennis Quaid would be so beautiful together.

Britt Robertson would play the younger sister character, Ava. She is such a cute girl with a very confident air about her. I could see her playing Corinne’s sister, especially when it comes to Chapter 13 and the whole wedding scene. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

The dog, Charlie, was written after my own dog also named Charli (minus the ‘e’ because I’m difficult that way) so I think my dog should play the role of Charlie. He will need a little training prior to this because he literally does nothing on command except for sit.

What song plays in your head most often?
This is probably my favorite question in the whole world. I wish I could create a playlist for everything. Currently the song playing on repeat in my head is “First” by Cold War Kids.

What is your favorite summertime food and beverage?
My favorite summer food is definitely tomatoes, all day long! Raw with a little salt and pepper. My favorite summertime beverage is probably beer. I love Amber Ale’s and I’ll try anything seasonal.

Thanks to Kacie for visiting with us and to Inkshares for sharing her book with our readers.

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Unknown said...

My second husband was the guy who drove my first husband and me around after we were married in a decorated car and the horn beeping.

Jennifer C said...

I'm the reader from Kernersville! So excited about having a very local author! And I totally knows what she means by congested.

My husband and I met through mutual friends in July 2000...but our lives went on different paths, especially mine, and for years, he asked our friends if I was single...each time I wasn't. In 2006, our paths crossed again through those same friends, and we have never been apart since. And kismet was that our first date was also in July, the same month we met...and so in July we are celebrating 10 years together. :)

Tatum Rangel said...

In my 20s, I stepped up to the mic for an open mic event at my college. I was proud of myself, especially because I'm an introvert. Never did I think I'd give it a chance.

traveler said...

We call it beshert. When I met my husband I knew he was the one and only. His close neighbor knew our family.

Janine said...

I can't think of anything where fate played a role. My 20s were pretty much a blur of one club or concert after the next. But it was a fun blur.

Jessica said...

I'm currently still in my 20's. Enjoying the peace and the freedom before I decide to settle down and have kids. Not sure if I ever will to be honest.

Bonnie K. said...

I met my husband at a dorm where I was attending college. The first time I met him was on a evening on Thanksgiving Day in the sitting room in the dorm. He came in and said hi and said he was meeting his family for dinner. I don't remember why I didn't attend my family gathering--I think I had to work. I didn't see him again until the following year after I graduated, and I happened to visit a friend that was still living in that same dorm. My husband-to-be walked in and said, "Hi, remember me?" My friend said that he should take me out. And the rest is history.

susieqlaw said...

I went to school on Washington DC for a semester! So much fun!

Linda Kish said...

I went to see Elvis in Las Vegas when I was 24. That was really fun. Lisa Marie was in the audience with her mom. She was just a couple years old at the time.

Jen said...

My husband and I met right after we graduated from different colleges at our first real adult job. We were placed in the same training class and we knew within days that we were "it" for each other. Had either of us not graduated or one of us were in a different training class who knows if we would have met, as we didn't live anywhere near each other. Three kids and 17 years later our love still carries us through.

Susan Roberts said...

I barely remember my 20s but i did get married and move 800 miles away from my friends and family. Must have been a good move because 46 years later, I still live in the same area and am married to the same man.

Would love to win a copy of this since the author and I are practically neighbors, I live in a town that's not too far from Kernersville. Small world!

Nova said...

most of my time in my 20's was devoted to taking care of my two oldest kids. "growing up" with them made use really close. luckily we still are!

Unknown said...

I went to a Ratt concert.

Kelly Rodriguez said...

In my 20's, I was married and we two children at the time. Busy young mom and wife just trying to figure out life and how to be a "grown up"!

Mary Preston said...

In my 20's I worked in Maternity. I could have taken all of the babies home - but I didn't.

Melanie Backus said...

At twenty, I got married. At twenty-two, I had a baby girl. At twenty-six, I had a baby boy. My twenties were certainly memorable!

Jennifer said...

I got married in my 20s so that was pretty fun!
But mostly I loved traveling. I spent a year abroad studying in France when I was in my early 20s.

bn100 said...


Burma Turner said...

I had two gorgeous boys in my twenties!

ArtemisG said...

I am trying to answer the question and i can't think for anything. The only answer i can give is that "Must be really boring person" or have bad memory (I haven't decided what is worse)

Raffle name: Artemis Giote