Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Reader Spotlight: Savana Charter

We're doing a new series at the blog for readers to do either guest posts or interviews. One reader will be featured each month, and if it's a theme month, that will be the focus. 

Today we are pleased to introduce Savana Charter, who is here to talk about her favorite season.

Savana Charter is employed full time as a hospital liaison and she works as a freelance editor and copywriter in her spare time. She will soon be graduating with her BA in English and Professional Writing. Savana grew up in a military family where having books and time to read were just about the only thing that stayed consistent in her life for many years. Her favorite genres include Sci-fi and fantasy/fiction, but she is willing to read anything she can get her hands on! When she is not working, Savana is an avid Netflix enthusiast that enjoys the occasional trek in the crisp Colorado outdoors. She loves trying new recipes and organization tricks that she finds on Pinterest, and testing them out on either her boyfriend or new apartment.

Please feel free to visit Savana’s personal blog, The Reality Bug, where you will find low carb and healthy recipes, book reviews, inspirational stories, and more. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Favorite season: Springtime

Favorite thing about this season overall: My favorite thing about springtime would have to be that everything is brand new. In a sense, it’s the physical “new year” for nature. There are animals of all kinds being born, gorgeous buds blooming on fresh green bushes and trees, the mornings are cool and the days are getting warmer in preparation for summertime. There’s nothing comparable to seeing fawns in the field and baby birds in the trees.

During this season...

Favorite thing to eat: My favorite food when springtime rolls around would have to be all of the fruits and veggies that are in season! I live in a very large farming community in Southern Colorado, so come spring all of the farmers start opening their stands with fresh picked green beans, peas, lettuce, rhubarb, strawberries, etc. It’s fantastic because it’s so much tastier, cheaper and organic than buying them from the store!

Favorite thing to drink: Come springtime, my absolute favorite refreshment would have to be ice-cold sweet tea. It’s a classic through the summer too, but in the spring when it starts to get warmer there’s no reason not to enjoy a glass!

Favorite thing to wear: I am one of those people that wears jeans and hoodies all the way through the middle of the summer. If you ask me, springtime is still too chilly for summer dresses and shorts! On occasion though, if it’s a nice warm afternoon, I will throw on some patterned leggings and a long tank top with sandals. It’s perfect with a light cardigan in the morning too.

Favorite holiday that occurs: I come from a religious background, so of course Easter is a very important holiday for my family and I. It is a time to gather, celebrate, and praise the Lord for the beautiful things that we are gifted in life. To me this includes everything I’ve mentioned thus far! The beauty of nature, the fruits that we are able to produce from the earth, and so much more. Easter is absolutely one of my favorite holidays during the year.

Favorite thing to do: I have this little personal tradition. In the spring, I like to drive up to the mountains and walk around. There are lakes up there, fields, trails in the trees, and so much more. It’s the prime time to do so because the snow has started melting, but it’s still cool and crisp up there. It’s a rush that you don’t get in the valleys below, and it’s not the same during any other time of the year. You can hear the birds singing and the water flowing down the streams, there are even places that you can go spelunking. (I have yet to try that, it’s on my bucket list for sure though!)


Janine said...

When I was a little girl living in New York, I always knew the beginning of summer by a trip to the mountains for a picnic with my family. That was one tradition that I looked forward to.

susieqlaw said...

Where you live sounds beautiful!

Savana C. said...

Hey guys! Thanks for reading this :)

@Janine, I am so glad I'm not the only one, I love it!

@susieqlaw, it is absolutely breathtaking around here. The town I am in is central plains, but we are nestled by mountains and there are so many gorgeous places to visit that are really close by.

Janine said...
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Janine said...

You're welcome! I enjoyed reading your post. We moved from New York to Texas when I was 10, so there weren't many other great memories of the spring or summer after that.