Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review: A Sudden Crush

By Gail Allison

Joanna Price has got it all. She’s just gotten married to the love of her life, she has the best job in the world, and she’s on her way to the most romantic honeymoon she can imagine. Except for one tiny thing, everything seems to be coming up her way. Her brand new husband is absolutely dashing. A bestselling novelist, Liam met Joanna over her desk (she’s a very successful editor who is obsessed with finding amazing books), and fell head over heels. Now they’ve just been married and are headed off into the proverbial sunset for their honeymoon. The only blip on the radar: Joanna didn’t realize she could pre-book her seats online, and the only two seats left on their six-hour flight are most certainly not next to each other. When Joanna gets situated and frantically asks her seatmate if he will trade seats, burly rancher Connor Duffield flat-out refuses. Joanna decides to remedy the situation herself and go ask Liam’s seatmate to trade, only to be met with the sight of Liam already deep in conversation with his seatmate, who is apparently a Victoria’s Secret model. Joanna slumps back to her seat, thinking things can’t get much worse when the plane begins to experience some crazy turbulence.

The next thing Joanna knows she’s waking up in a tree still buckled in to her seat with her bag tied to her seat. This is where we get to suspend reality a little bit and just fall in to the story. Joanna and Connor have somehow fallen out of the plane and their seat has gotten wedged in the branches of a tree on a deserted island. Connor starts getting ready to stay there for the long haul, and luckily the island they have landed on has a freshwater pond on it, luckily neither one of them is injured, and luckily Joanna has a solar cell phone charger in her purse. That has survived the crash. And stayed in her purse that she still has.

I know you can probably all hear my rolling my eyes at this point, and I do have to admit the number of wonderfully lucky coincidences in this book do force you to suspend logic for awhile, but the story is quite enjoyable nevertheless, and written in a way that makes you want to keep you do!

After 143 days Joanna and Connor are rescued, and they go back to real life. This part surprised me, as they were rescued about halfway through the book. I was curious to see what the last half would be about, but it actually was quite enjoyable. As Joanna gets resettled back into her life, she finds that things have changed quite a lot actually. Liam, her loving and wonderful husband, has moved on. Yes, already. He’s gone and married the Victoria’s Secret model. Joanna is absolutely crushed, but soldiers on. I’m not going to give away the rest of the book, suffice to say it’s definitely a feel-good novel that end by making all the disbelief throughout worthwhile.

The only real drawback that I found in this novel was that occasionally the dialogue felt a little choppy. The author, at times, chose to use full words rather than the contractions occurring in everyday English, and it caused a bit of bumpy reading for me. I’m one of those people that when something interrupts the flow of a good book, it takes me a paragraph or two to get back into it, and when my eyes were getting hung up on some of the wording it just felt a little awkward at times...never enough to make me put the book down though. The story line was just so much fun!

I would definitely recommend A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley. It’s completely adorable, and a great novel to have tucked into your travel bag. Just maybe don’t read the first half during turbulence...

Thanks to Camilla Isley for the book in exchange for an honest review and Hello...Chick Lit for including us in Camilla's blog tour.

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