Friday, October 16, 2015

Guest Book Review: Cold Feet

By Nancy Farrow

Only a week before Emma Moon’s big day, she and her best friend, decide to take a detour from their originally planned bachelorette weekend and travel to San Francisco to find Emma’s birth father. Emma comes from a broken home, with a mother who is consumed with her work, and a father who left her when she was a baby. No wonder Emma gets pre-wedding jitters and wants to learn more about herself, find out what really happened and who her father is. Will she succeed? Will her anxieties uncover more family drama and past secrets?

Read this charming debut novel by Amy Fitzhenry, to find out what happens with Emma Moon.

Cold Feet is a delightful novel about family history, friendship, and commitment. I very much enjoyed this book, as the characters Amy created felt real. Most people that come from broken homes have one question in common: "Why?" Some spend their lives thinking that they were the cause to why things did not work out; the nagging feeling of abandonment causes them to inflict unhappiness and seek answers. This novel was a page-turner with more hidden secrets from people who were close to Amy. At times I found myself laughing, then tearing up and most definitely saying to myself "just one more chapter," before putting the book down. It is a romantic and real story with some interrelated passages to law jargon and explanations, which I loved. Great novel, quick read; I look forward to further masterpieces from Amy Fitzhenry.

Thanks to Berkley for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Nancy Farrow is a devoted mom of twin girls, loving wife, and healthcare professional. Her love for books and world travel inspired her and her family to build a beautiful Little Free Library for the community she lives in. She believes that all things are possible with a little imagination and love.


Janine said...

Great review. I won this book through someone else and look forward to reading it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

This book just became available at my library. Looks awesome!