Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Andee Reilly "rolls" a book giveaway

I'm no stranger to being obsessed with a band. Like most other girls my age, when I was a teenager I was HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. Unlike today's featured author, even though I still listen to their music every once and awhile, my obsession with NKOTB has faded over time.

Andee Riley, on the other hand, is so obsessed with the Rolling Stones that she used them as her inspiration for her debut novel, Satisfaction. Andee was born and raised in Los Angeles. She attended the University of California where she earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and teaches literature at California State University, Channel Islands. Surfing is among the activities she enjoys to do on her spare time. Visit Andee at her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

Without further ado, let's give Andee a warm and sunny Chick Lit Central welcome!

Thanks to BookSparks, we have one copy of Satisfaction for a lucky US reader.  It is part of their 2015 Summer Reading Challenge.

When 22-year-old Ginny Martin discovers her husband has been cheating on her, she strikes back with the couple’s credit card. Purchasing tickets to every concert on the Rolling Stones North American tour, this devastated suburban housewife packs up the car and takes to the road. Following the Rolling Stones from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City, Ginny experiences freedom for the first time, while coping with the insecurities and limiting beliefs that had kept this small town girl’s life far too small. (Courtesy of BookSparks.)

As a first time published author, what lessons did you learn while writing your manuscript?
I learned not to expect my work-in-progress to be perfect right away and not to be afraid of revision. When I read early drafts of my novel, it looks completely different than the finished product. At one point, I removed an entire subplot, deleting at least 50-75 pages. I was terrified at first, but the change allowed me room to delve deeper into my main characters and their stories. I also became more comfortable with my writing style. I like to outline, but I need to remain flexible enough so that I can be spontaneous and let the story grow naturally.

What item must you have with you when you are writing?
First of all, I need music. I decide what type my characters listen to and create a playlist. I also like to have my character’s favorite scent in the room. I'm in love with Lush Massage Bars. They smell delicious and make my skin soft at the same time! If I have these things, I can get into the character right away, and hopefully, the words start to flow.

What is the best tip you could give someone aspiring to write a novel?
Be patient. I was told that publishing is an incredibly slow business, but I didn’t know how much patience I really needed until I was actively engaged in writing, revising, finding an agent, and finally landing a publisher. But if you do it right, it's so worth the wait.

You make no secret that you’re a huge Rolling Stones fan. Who is your favorite member of the group?
I could go on and on about why each member of the band is so important:
Keith Richards is one of the best guitar players of all time.
Charlie Watts is an accomplished jazz musician.
In addition to being one of rock’s greatest guitarists, Ronnie Wood is a successful painter.
But in the end, I’m a Mick Jagger girl through and through. He’s a great front man and still sexy!

My favorite summer activity is: surfing. I'm interpreting the question loosely because I live on Maui, home of the endless summer where I surf all of the time!

My greatest guilty pleasure is: Red Vines Licorice.

Thanks to Andee for chatting with us and BookSparks for sharing Satisfaction with our readers.

~Introduction and interview by Tracey Meyers

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Jennifer said...

There are so many I would follow, but I just watched Wahlburgers, and my inner 12 year old wants me to show my age and follow the New Kids on the Block. :)

Janine said...

I don't think I would follow any band anymore. But back in the day, I would have jumped at a chance to follow Guns N Roses on tour.

Unknown said...

So many choices but Pearl Jam and G & R come to mind.

Unknown said...

I am a huge Kid Rock fan. And have traveled to Texas, St. Louis and every time he is in Kansas to see him!!! Would love to see him in his home town of Detroit some day! In Dallas I was picked to dance on stage while he sang "All Summer Long" xoxoBeth

Unknown said...

Green Day Hands down!

Lisa Mandina said...

Well, as it is your first paragraph that got me to read this in the first place, I will admit that I am still a huge NKOTB fan, and have been since I was in high school back in the 80s. My love has never faded for them. Since they've come back, I've been to every concert they've done in my town, and I would LOVE to follow them around the country! So I'd have to say NKOTB for sure! (And you should come back and join the rest of us fans in our continued love for them!)

Holly said...

Pearl Jam.

traveler said...

Leonard Cohen. His music, sounds and just him.

holdenj said...

I don't really know if I'd follow one myself anymore. My kids keep me up to date on newer music, so maybe we'd follow Mumford around!

Anita Yancey said...

Well if I was younger I would like to follow Rick Springfield. I've always loved his music.

Andee Reilly said...

I love hearing about all the bands you'd follow! Of course, I've always wanted to follow the Stones on tour, but I don't have the time or the money, but mostly I don't think my husband would like it. Lol! It's great to be able to invent characters to live out your dreams!

bn100 said...


Terri. said...

The Stones!

Grandma Cootie said...

The Moody Blues - have been attending their concerts forever, even a Meet & Greet once!

Viv V. said...

I can't think of one band/singer I would follow. I like a lot of them. Some of my favorites actually come to my church to give concerts. I'm really surprised by how big some of the names my church gets are.