Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Review: Bellamy's Redemption

By Sara Steven

The opening scene in Bellamy’s Redemption reminds me of a typical Monday evening at my house. Sitting in front of the television, eagerly anticipating the drama and chaos that will ensue when The Bachelor broadcasts. I’m sure that's why I was undeniably hooked just a few pages in while reading "Bellamy." In fact, much of this novel made me feel as though I was getting a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on when dealing with reality television.

Emma Van Elson, the sweet and kooky female lead, is just as hooked as I am. She’s waiting to see who Alanna Rutherford will choose for her husband, on a show quite similar to The Bachelor. When Alanna doesn’t pick the man of everyone’s dreams, Bellamy Timberfrost, it feels as if the whole nation, including Emma, has let out a collective gasp. What was Alanna thinking?

Bellamy now has the chance to seek out love in front of millions of viewers on his own show, “Bellamy’s Redemption”. Emma has to get on the show. She’s never met Bellamy, but she has to discover if he’s just as dreamy in person as he is on the small screen. Emma has complete and total tunnel vision, even blocking out a potential love interest who lives just down the hall from her in her apartment building, all in the name of romance.

The road to romance is never easy. Emma is up against some fierce competition when she is accepted onto the show. It seems as though all the other women are gorgeous and much better suited for Bellamy, although the majority of them don’t seem to be there for the “right” reasons. And, where do Emma’s loyalties lie, anyway? While she’s finding herself becoming more and more infatuated with Bellamy, she can’t seem to get her hunky neighbor out of her head. Is she getting sucked into the limelight, or is Bellamy the one for her?

"Bellamy" was absolute fun from start to finish. I loved the catty scenes with the other female contestants, including a surprise guest that no one saw coming, throwing a huge wrench into Emma’s plans. What I also appreciated: the blindsides. Many times I’ve had an inkling as to which direction a book was headed, but "Bellamy" is an absolute surprise. It keeps you guessing, all the way through.

Thanks to Holly Tierney-Bedord for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Janine said...

Great review. This really does sound like a fun book.