Thursday, August 14, 2014

Go To Gay: Nurture and Nature

Introduction by Tracey Meyers

In the past couple of days I've noticed a few signs that point to the fact that autumn is not that far away.  I noticed this the most the other day when I was heading home during a 13.1 mile run.  It was after seven p.m. and it was starting to get dark out.

 "Where has the summer gone?" I thought to myself.

Answering that question was just as easy as asking it.  My summer has, for all intents and purposes, been focused on getting ready for a marathon debut.  In that moment I felt a sense of sadness that that was all I had done during the majority of my summer, however that then turned to pride because I knew that I had accomplished what I had set out to do.

Today, Chick Lit Central's Go-To-Gay, Gary Edwards, shares with you what he's been up to all summer long and why he is celebrating the season of "Nurture and Nature."

Nurture and Nature

I saw my first fall leaf today. While being premature in letting me know, it still gave me a hint of what is to come in the next few weeks. The peak of summer is winding down and soon kids will be back in school and we will all be back inside.

What were your goals this summer, what did you want to do and still have not done? I am so grateful that I have learned and fallen in love with gardening. I have managed to meet one of my summer goals by spending many of my days out nurturing my perennial beds and watching the tiniest of buds open into flowers. Gardening is something that does not come easily for some, but for me it is a passion. It is a place for me to feel centered and to grow spiritually, as much as it is a reward to see all the beautiful color that these sunny summer days bring. My Great Grandfather Jesse loved to garden and had beautiful flower beds I am told. He taught my Mother the secrets of how to love and nurture the most tender spring flowers and how to keep them strong during the hot summer months. When I was young my mother passed on his secrets and stories as well as many of her own. Her love for nature and gardening was contagious to me. It is something I feel I am able to share with her and also with so many others. 

Many of my plants have a story, a history; some are starts from Wade’s Mother and some mine. Many of those starts trace back to Grandparents and Great Grandparents. I am so grateful for the beauty they bring and the stories I am able to share. I am so happy when I can dig up a start for a family member or good friend. Many of my friends share starts of plants with me and also the story of how the plant came to their garden. 

So my garden has no real design or formality, mostly it is just a gathering place for family & friends. A place to honor stories from the past, but also knowing that each of my flower beds has a future, has room to grow and expand. I feel blessed each day I look at my gardens, blessed for all my Mom has taught me, blessed for all of my friends and blessed to be able to be out in nature and experience the beauty it has to offer.

Gary Edwards is the marketing and events manager for bestselling author Wade Rouse. Edwards arranges Rouse’s tour schedule, speaking engagements as well as coordinates and facilitates his writing workshops and retreats.  Additionally, Edwards has helped market and promote all five of Rouse’s books. Edwards also has a background in hospitality, and sales as well as design. 

With his vast professional back and a love to listen and help friends he is a perfect storm of love and nurture. Edwards is Martha Stewart meets Dear Abby with a dash of Mrs. Doubtfire.  For more, please friend him on Facebook and Twitter.


Janine said...

Come to Texas. We still have plenty of summer left. Our summer usually runs through October. I always look forward to the cooler days then.

Molly said...

You're gardens are beautiful Gary! I treasure the starts you have given me. They have a special place in my gardens and when I look at them I think of you!