Sunday, August 10, 2014

Guest Book Review: Meeting Eve

By Connie Fischer

Evelyn (Eve) Walker is a dynamo. She owns an event planning company with contracts worldwide. Unmarried and now in her early thirties, she works long hours with hardly any time to sleep or even to grab a bite to eat.

Her latest event is in Amsterdam and one of her biggest gigs yet. After massive preparation by coordination with all of her contacts who have their own contacts, she is jetting off once again.

Meeting Eve is quite detailed, to include the exhaustive work that goes into planning these event. Eve must search out and select the perfect venue, proper workers, entertainment, food, and a theme to match the event. The reader is taken through all of these components as they come together to celebrate a memorable event. (Makes one appreciate a bit more those Oscar and Emmy award shows.) Of course, not everything goes according to plan, so we see Eve make snap decisions to fix any problem.

Sounds like a woman without a life. Perhaps. But in this book Eve meets Sebastian, a multi-millionaire with his own companies worldwide and living in Switzerland. Their attraction hardly has a chance to take off because Eve is so busy every minute of every day. But they manage to grab a few hours here and there.

There's humor in this novel that helps to relieve the tension of the business. In addition, the descriptions of the beautiful places visited are well written. We also get to know Eve's good friends and their quirky ways which certainly add to the story.

This book kept my attention and I enjoyed many parts of it. I also learned something about my own self and that is I know I wouldn't have the determination required to do a tough job like this. It takes a very special person and I would certainly admire anyone that could take it on.

A huge thanks to Wasabi Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Connie Fischer is a retired office manager from NASA. Loved books from the time she could read. Spent childhood summers in her front yard tree reading Nancy Drew books and biographies. Loves historical and contemporary romance novels, chick lit and anything British. Is a reviewer for the blog, bookworm2bookworm. Her goal for 2014 on Goodreads is to read and review 100 books and she's way ahead of schedule. Lived in Paris, France for a number of years. Living now in southwest Florida. is good!


Janine said...

Great review. Now, I want to read this book too.

Connie said...

Thanks to Chick Lit Central for posting my review. I enjoyed this novel and hope others will as well. If you're thinking of going into this business, the novel will certainly give you a glimpse of what you might be taking on. But, it sounds like a great challenge!