Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway: She Sins at Midnight

By Sara Steven

Lila Montgomery is living a double life. By day she’s a kick-ass assistant in Hollywood. On her off hours she’s Jasmine Sheath, romance novelist. Who can blame her? She wants to settle down, find the perfect man and bear his children. Raising a family is the dream of a lifetime. Her options in the husband department are slim to none, however, so those who can’t live the life they want can write about it. Right? It doesn't matter anyway. No one knows that she writes sensual novels for women. It’s her deep, dark secret, and she fully intends to keep it that way.

Her breakthrough novel is a huge success, though. So much so, that’s she’s up for a prestigious award. It’s still not the image she wants to present to the outside world. Her fifteen year high school class reunion is coming up, and while she really wants to go, the last thing she needs is to showcase her dark secret, fearing the implications of her goody two shoes image turned dirty.

The day job is getting to Lila. Melinda Forrester, famous actress and sexual play thing to the stars seems to have a major malfunction where Lila is concerned, and this propels our heroine to Bentley Hills, her old stompin’ grounds and the impending high school reunion. Who knew that catching up with old friends would mean running into the guy she crushed on for years, the prototype for the dashing, handsome hero in her novel? Or that a few negative comments said about Melinda would backfire in such a way that it might threaten Lila’s career and let the cat (or in this case, novel) out of the bag?

I thoroughly enjoyed She Sins at Midnight. Whitney Dineen made sure to include plenty of laughs in this book, along with romantic encounters written in pure romance-novel fashion. I can’t forget the cat fight scenes between Lila and Melinda, either. I think Dineen needs to write a follow up; a "Where Are They Now?" novel. Maybe for the twenty year reunion?

Thanks to Whitney Dineen for the book in exchange for an honest review. She has THREE signed copies for some lucky US readers!

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