Friday, March 7, 2014

Guest Book Review: Thirty-Two Going on Spinster

By Lindsay Yocum

Change is a huge fear of Julia Darling's, and is very well the reason she is a (self-proclaimed) spinster. She is 32 and stuck. She lives alone in her parent’s basement, absolutely hates her boring accounting job, loves baking, and is definitely very single.

Julia works as an accounting assistant for Spectraltech, and hates it. It’s dreadfully boring, and you really feel as though you are right there with her, enduring the pain of her work day. The CEO constantly asks Julia to bake for him, and she had one very awkward office hook up that she has to face daily.

There are upsides to her job though. For instance, there’s Brown, she’s Julia’s break buddy. Brown is the ultra-stylish, gossip queen that makes you want to hate and love her at the same time. I admit, I had major girl crush on Brown. There’s also the ever so mysterious and oh so handsome, Jared Moody. At first you want to hate him because he stole the job Julia was convinced would lead her out of Spinsterville. But you can’t. He has this charm about him that makes you mad when the storyline strays away from him.

Julia is in a major swoon over him, and Brown is convinced the feelings are definitely mutual. (As is the reader, you can practically feel the chemistry oozing from the pages of this book.) But, something is wrong. Gossip queen Brown, put her sleuthing skills to the test to try and dig out information on Jared’s past, and came up empty handed. Who really is Jared, and why is he at Spectraltech? After working together on a top secret project for the CEO of Spectraltech, Julia isn’t entirely sure Jared is being honest with her.

In one instant, Julia’s life is forever changed. Is she meant to live a life alone in her parent’s basement for all eternity? Or was this the best thing that could have ever happened to her?

From the moment I opened this book, I knew that I was going to love it. Becky Monson had me laughing from the very beginning. There were times when I could not stop laughing at some of the lines because I could relate so easily to how Julia felt or was thinking. All the characters in the book were so funny, and so realistic. This book is 347 pages and I read it in a couple of hours. I could not put it down. Of all the chick lit books I have read, Thirty-Two Going on Spinster is definitely in my top five favorites. I can’t wait to see what else Becky Monson creates. What an excellent debut novel!

Lindsay Yocum resides in Central California with her firecracker daughter whom she calls Bear and her hilarious husband. She spends her free time enjoying her family, traveling, writing, baking, ruining DIY crafts she finds to do on Pinterest, and running, when she isn't working full time doing Healthcare Administration.

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