Monday, September 23, 2013

Happiness...the CLC way

Not only did we ask authors to share top five lists of what makes them happy, but we also are sharing what makes us happy! Check out what Melissa A. and Amy are smiling about...

Melissa A:
I've decided to stray from the obvious (people I love and books) and just list some fun things and activities that make me happy.

1. Music. I love listening to music whenever I have a chance. I also love singing either when a good song comes on, or just while I'm doing things around the house. The music I listen to ranges from pop to country to the Rat Pack era to Broadway, with a few Disney songs tossed in. 

2. Thrift shopping. Value Village is where I become a shopaholic. It's not just for clothes either (even though I do get some fashionable finds). I get books, DVDs, CDs, bags, etc. If I can go for a shopping trip there without my kids, I will end up spending hours browsing the aisles. 

3. Having my cooking praised. It's not just enough that I went through the effort of making the food, but when someone really likes even the most simple thing I've made, I just glow from happiness.

Adam Pascal in NYC: July, 2001
4. Meeting celebrities. Such a natural high. I really hope to meet Idina Menzel (Rent, Wicked, Glee) this fall, as she's starring in a musical being previewed in the city closest to me. She's on my bucket list of celebrities to meet. (Anthony Rapp, also from Rent, will be in the same show and it would be cool to meet him too!) I also found out that Wally Lamb and Helen Fielding are coming to town. Two legendary authors that have reached celebrity status for me. Aside from meeting Joey from NKOTB, one of my favorite times meeting a celebrity was with Adam Pascal from Rent. I was flying high from that the rest of the day!

5. Autumn. I love this time of year, when the leaves change color, the weather cools down, and it's all about pumpkins, hot cocoa, and this hearty vegetable soup that my husband makes (from a recipe we got after one of our favorite restaurants closed down). Sukkot also takes place in Autumn and it's a lot of fun to decorate and eat in the sukkah and visit with friends in their sukkahs. 

Our sukkah a.k.a. The French Bistro 


1. Going on vacations:
Let's see, do I really need to say any more?

This says it all for #1 and #2...Palm Beach in Aruba
2. Going to any tropical area where there are white sands and turquoise beach waters.
Raise your hand if you don't like these beautiful spots in the world. Didn't think I'd see any.. I don't believe everything about astrology but I do believe that I'm truly a Pisces because I'm most relaxed and in my element when I'm hear any body of water.

3. For all of you that follow me on twitter and are friends on Facebook you know that I LOVE dogs. Just passing by a dog and saying hi brings such joy. My mom doesn't like this, but when we go visit my parents I always go say hi to Shaina first.

4.Once again for all of you that follow me on twitter and are friends on Facebook you know that I love chocolate and ice cream. ENOUGH SAID!

5. Last, but of course not least, a good book. Again, don't need to say anymore :)

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Janine said...

1. Cats. My cats and helping the cats at the rescue.
2. Shopping (until the cockroach biting incident last night).
3. Reading. It's my escape from reality.
4. Listening to reggae music. It's always such a happy sound that takes me away to another time and place.
5. It's a tie between chocolate and wine.