Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Baking Love

By Jami Deise

Cake Boss. Ace of Cakes. DC Cupcakes. The baking world has taken reality TV by storm, and it’s no wonder. The fabulous treats are carefully put together, they’re delicious, and best of all, viewers don’t expend any calories watching the shows. Unless the programs send them right to the nearest bakery.

The best part of Lauren Boyd’s novel, Baking Love, was the description of her heroine, Kate Sullivan, delicately creating icing flowers to decorate a magnificent wedding cake. Assisted by her high school best friend, Jess, Kate runs Sullivan’s Cakery, the bakery originally established by her late grandmother. Then one day, he walks in – Eric Wagner, the boy Kate let get away. Sadly, he’s not here to declare his love for Kate – he’s here to order his groom cake. Eric is marrying Cecelia, a spoiled rich girl who orders a complicated wedding cake from Kate while taking an immediate dislike to her. Will Eric go through with his wedding to Cecelia? Or will he finally realize his feelings for Kate?

Boyd’s self-published novel features a common plot that follows a predictable trajectory. While there are some amusing moments and Kate is definitely a sympathetic heroine, the story would have benefitted from a first person point of view, additional back story on Kate, and a strong subplot.

However, its linear focus does make the book a fast, quick, easy beach read. Boyd’s descriptions of the complicated logistics on baking, transporting, and assembling a wedding cake were interesting and give the novel an authentic feel.

If you’re a fan of shows like The American Baking Competition, and you’re looking for a quick, easy, fun, romantic read, Baking Love would fit the bill.

Thanks to Lauren Boyd for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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