Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: Work For Hire

By Tracey Meyers

Not that long ago, I was looking into going to law school.  It is something I had thought about doing for some time, but never took seriously - until two years ago.

With this being the case, you probably won't find it shocking when I say that I know A LOT of attorneys and law school students (or as I called them, "attorneys in training").  For me this has been a good thing as it has given me a unique glimpse not only into the legal profession itself, but into the law school experience.  It is this glimpse that made me insist on reviewing the book, Work For Hire by Margo Karasek.

Though I do know a some people who were able to not work during law school, a majority of my legal buddies did (or do) have to work in order to supplement their funding during this period of time.  However, as you might imagine, maintaining high grades while working can cause some challenges.

This is the predicament Tekla is facing.  Tekla is a bright NYU law school student who can't afford to stay in law school without supplementing her student loans with additional income.  So, when she gets the opportunity to become a tutor for $150 an hour, she jumps on it!  (Who wouldn't!?)  With that in mind, remember what they say about things that are too good to be true?  Yeah, Tekla does too.  Though she begins her journey with a bit of starry-eyed expectations, she soon wakes-up to reality and if this "perfect" job is more a detriment to her situation than it is a help.

Though I can't say I know anyone who faced the exact scenarios and situations Tekla faces in this book, I do know people who faced similar challenges while trying to balance law school and working at the same time.  I felt the main character in this book was authentic.  Also, she was likable and I believe even someone who didn't go to law school (or know someone who has gone to law school) could relate to her. Furthermore, I loved the variety of characters in Tekla's world.  Whether it's her opinionated mom, the law school professor who is out to get her, friends sharing her in life drama or those in the elite world of the rich and famous she works for, there is never a dull moment.

The story, loosely based on the author's experience as a tutor while in law school, is engaging and will keep you wondering - what's next? What will happen first - Telka losing her mind or getting things under control?

Thanks to Samantha at Chick Lit Plus for the book in exchange for an honest review, as well as including Chick Lit Central on Margo Karasek's blog tour.

Work for Hire is $2.99 for Kindle.

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