Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: Friendkeeping

By Amy Bromberg

I don't remember the last time that I read a book about friendship. Um, let's see, that might be because I never have.  It's about time that I did because as Julie Klam says in Friendkeeping, friendship is hard work. This especially applies to many lazy people out there (ME!).

With her inimitable wit and disarming warmth, Julie Klam shares with us her experiences, advice, and insight in Friendkeeping, a candid, hilarious look at some of the most meaningful and enjoyable relationships in our lives: our friendships.

After her bestselling You Had Me at Woof, about relationships with dogs, Klam now turns her attention to human relationships to great effect. She examines everything—from the curious world of online friendship to the intersection of friendship and motherhood. She even explores how to hang on to our friendships in the toughest circumstances: when schadenfreude rears its ugly head or when we don’t like our friend’s mate.

Klam relays a mix of brand-new and time-tested wisdom—she finds that longtime friends really can grow up without growing apart; that communication is key; that friendship is one of life’s great, free sources of happiness; that you’re not a friend, just a doormat, if you don’t get back what you give—and her discoveries range from amusing to deeply important. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

I love how Julie Klam expertly packages into one book (and not a textbook, thank G-d) all of the important lessons and advice she has experienced about friendship. And on top of that, the book is funny! That is because she's hilarious. Julie has a way with wit and words where you can't help but just laugh hysterically...even if the subject matter is serious. The book visits all of the important issues in friendships, being sharing secrets, how to deal with not liking your friend's significant other (awkward!), realizing that it's not always about you, jealousy and that there are times when you have to let a friend "go" because the relationship is just not working out. As I mention above Julie talks about how friendships are hard work, especially when of the friends moves and you are no longer in close proximity. My best friend moved to Maryland a little bit over a year ago. Of course we don't see each other as much. It makes me sad to say that we don't talk as much either. I need to take into account though that she has a baby and he takes up a lot of her time.  I probably knew deep down inside, but after reading this book, I fully realize that I have to step up to the plate and pick up the phone more, email more, and made definite plans to visit her. Friendships are like flowers....they are only beautiful if you tend to them. 

One of my favorite parts of the book is where Julie shares her take on social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook) and how through these platforms she has met such wonderful people. Just like me in the beginning, she was skeptical to join Facebook. Why does someone need to join an online group to meet friends? But then if you remember correctly, everyone was doing it and everyone was telling everyone else that you have to join. It turns out that Julie has met many wonderful people through Facebook and Twittter. It's a vast, never ending space, where you can meet SO many people who have the same interests as you do. I enjoyed reading about the times she met some of her online friends in person. I can definitely relate as I remember it being such a great feeling when I met some book related Twitter friends at Book Expo this past June.

Friendkeeping is an irresistible, honest and hilarious read. If you adore your friends and your friendships are vital parts of your existence, then this is a a book that must go on your list. It's also a great gift to pick up for the upcoming holidays. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Julie Klam's next.

Thanks to Penguin for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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