Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Review: You Tell Your Dog First

By Amy Bromberg

A dog is more than man’s best friend. They become an extension of their owner. Every dog comes with a guarantee of continuous and an abundance of joy (and yes maybe a little bit of a headache, but it’s worth it). Dog people are usually happier people. (See more benefits here: 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet). In this touching and witty collection of essays inspired by dogs, Alison Pace shares how she herself has changed her outlook on life from the moment she owned her first dog.

For years, award-winning author Alison Pace was a dog person without a dog. And then, she got Carlie—a feisty and fluffy West Highland white terrier. She could weed out bad boyfriends with a sniff of her button-black nose and win the hearts of lifelong friends with an adoring gaze. Suddenly, Alison had a constant companion and confidante, who went with her on long morning rambles in Central Park, on trips to the country and the beach, and on her search for inner peace, love, and happiness. Through Carlie, Alison found herself connected to the world as never before. (Synopsis courtesy of

You must understand (and some of you already know) that I’m a HUGE dog lover. I can be in such a bad mood, but the minute I pass a dog on the street, my spirits are completely lifted. I have to stop and say hi to every single dog I pass, no matter where I am. This tends to annoy my husband at times, especially when we are running late and have to be somewhere. I tell him it’s an addiction and "too bad!"

At the end of chapter eight Alison says: “Someone told me once that a camera allows you to slow down, to pay attention, to see how beautiful things in the world are, to see how beautiful the world can be. Here’s the truth: The same, verbatim, can be said about a dog.” In many ways Carlie helped Alison connect to the world. Alison met a woman, (who also has a Westie) in Central Park, where she walks Carlie every morning. It turns out that Carlie and this dog have the same father. Who would have thought right? In addition Carlie is able to pick out the good guys from the bad, help her make friends (with people she’d actually like to be friends with), and connect her to all of the joy around her.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alison during BookExpo America week in June. I wish I could meet with her again and spend time “talking dogs.”

You Tell Your Dog First is a charming, light and heartwarming read where Alison shares with the reader funny anecdotes as to how man’s best friend make our lives that much more wonderful and fulfilling. This would make a great holiday gift for all dog lovers!

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