Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review: Hollywood Ending

By Melissa Amster

I've never been to L.A. or checked out the Hollywood scene (the trip I took with my parents when I was one year old does NOT count), so any opportunity to live vicariously through someone else is one I'll gladly take. When "Hollywood Ending" came knocking on my door shouting "READ ME" (it was free for Kindle at the time, who could resist?!?), I knew it was going to be a fun jaunt through the lives of those living the dream (or at least trying to).

Trina Stewart has been living in Hollywood for 10 years and has yet to get a big break working on a film. When a hot new neighbor moves into her building, she decides to chase a romantic dream. After her efforts are rebuffed, she soon changes her tune, just as HE starts to take interest.
Matiu Wulf is a New Zealand native trying to get a big break in Hollywood. When he meets Trina, the lines between love and career become blurred as he soon finds himself doing whatever it takes to make her fall in love with him. Will they both be able to follow their love and career dreams in order to get the Hollywood ending they desire?

Lucie Simone gave me my wish to live vicariously amongst the Hollywood dreamers. Her descriptions of scenery made me feel like I was right there. Trina and Matiu were both fun to read about and kept me guessing as to whether or not they'd end up together, especially with all the hurdles tossed in their way. The dialogue was entertaining and kept the story upbeat. It never dragged or got boring. It was a cute and sweet love story that allowed me to escape from all my daily routines, even if I was only reading it at breakfast time. That's what I sometimes need from a chick lit novel...lighthearted fun that has a strong storyline and characters who are easy to love.

The only thing I'd change would be the use of vulgar language. It didn't take away from my enjoyment of the novel, but I could see some people being offended by it and allowing that to keep them from reading a great story. I'm sure Ms. Simone was trying to keep things realistic, but I have a feeling it might make some readers uncomfortable. Also, the ending tied up a bit too neatly, but I was enjoying the story too much by then for it to really bother me.

I enjoyed "Hollywood Ending" and would recommend it to anyone who wants a light, easy read combined with a romantic comedy. I look forward to reading more of what Ms. Simone has to offer!

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