Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking Forward....

2011 looks like it will be a great year for books! Here is what we are most looking forward to reading this year. We each chose five books or we'd be here forever!

They're not on our lists as we're not sure what the titles will be yet, but we're sure 2011 can't pass by without Jane Green and/or Sophie Kinsella coming out with a new book. We're both excited to read any new books they plan to write! We also hope Marian Keyes will feel better soon and be back to writing her amazing novels.

Melissa P:

1. "Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel" by Candace Bushnell- I have always been a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw, so as soon as I saw that this was coming out it went right to the top of my list.

2. "Skipping a Beat" by Sarah Pekkanen- I loved her first book "The Opposite of Me" so I am anxious to read her latest and I am certain it will be fantastic!

3. "Silver Girl" by Elin Hilderbrand- I can't wait to read the latest hilderbrand while I am lying on the beach this summer. She almost always sets her books on Nantucket Island which is also one of my favorite places, so hopefully I can grab a copy on my way to "The Island". Her books are some of the best 'beach reads' around.

4. "Sing You Home" by Jodi Piccoult- Jodi's books always interest me with their mixture of justice and drama. I am particularly interested in her latest book and the struggles surrounding parenthood, sexual orientation, and forgiveness.

5. "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah- What can I say, it's by Kristin Hannah so it's most likely going to be brilliant.

Melissa A:

1. "The Song Remains the Same" by Allison Winn Scotch- I caught a sneak peek of this one in December and it sounds very intriguing. Has a similar feel to "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella

2. "I Love the 80's" by Megan Crane- Any book about the 80's has to be totally rad, right? :) May it outdo "The Wedding Singer" with its 80's references.

3. "Then Came You" by Jennifer Weiner- I love Jennifer Weiner's novels and I know this will not be an exception. It sounds great!

4. "With a Little Luck" by Caprice Crane- Caprice Crane is a witty and hilarious writer and I can't wait to see what this novel will be about. I'm sure I'll enjoy it though!

5. "The Baby Planner" by Josie Brown- I just have babies on the brain lately. ;) This one sounds interesting though!

There are some on Melissa P's list that I want to read, as well. I just wanted to offer some variety instead of a bunch of repeats. I'm reading "Skipping a Beat" now and "Night Road" is on my shelf waiting to be read. Watch for visits from Sarah Pekkanen and Kristin Hannah, as well as giveaways of both novels!


Meg @ write meg! said...

Jennifer Weiner has another new novel coming out?! The woman is unstoppable! Lots of great reads on this list... I can feel my wishlist growing!

Megan Just said...

Great suggestions, ladies. Thanks! This month, first on my reading list are: the chick lit classic, "A Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" by Melissa Bank and a guilded age literary chick lit, "The Buccaneers" by Edith Wharton.

Melissa said...

That's what I love about JW. :) We'll have to meet up again at her next book signing. Just save me a cupcake this time! :)

Louise said...

Looking forward to 'Summer and the City', I heart Carrie.

Thanks for the suggestions.



Colleen Turner said...

This is a GREAT list! Most of them were on my wishlist for the new year so I totally agree with your selections :). My favorites from the list: The Carrie Diaries installment and the books by Sarah Pekkanen, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult and Alison Winn Scotch!

BRN2SHOP9 said...

What a great list. Don't forget Meg Cabot's new book, Overbite is coming out this year too.