Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winning Wednesday--September 8th

I will only be posting giveaways on this blog from now on. If you have a giveaway that ends before Wednesday of a given week, please feel free to post it at Chick Lit Central on Facebook. You're also welcome to contact me about any giveaways you would like to have listed. (Chick Lit only, please, unless it is for a gift card or book related device.)
Finally, I am no longer going to seek out contests to post. If they happen to show up in my Facebook or Twitter news feed or on my blog reader, I'll be sure to post them. If you think I won't see your contest, please send it to me so I can include it in this blog.
Thank you!

New giveaways:

Send a recipe to Stacey Ballis and win a fabulous prize package! US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 13th at 5pm CST.)

Win "Moonlight in Odessa" by Janet Skeslien Charles. (Deadline: September 13th at 6pm EST)

Win "Out of the Shadows" by Joanne Rendell from Chick Lit is Not Dead. (Deadline: Tomorrow)

Win "Friday Mornings at Nine" by Marilyn Brant from The Seekers. (Deadline: Friday)

Win "Simply from Scratch" by Alicia Bessette from Franklin, Ink. (Deadline: September 20th)

Brittany Roshelle has an autographed copy of "Husband and Wife" by Leah Stewart to give away. US only. (Deadline: September 12th)

Win a Kindle from Luxury Reading. (Deadline: October 4th at 11:59 pm EST)

Previously posted (still going on):

Luxury Reading has three copies of "Life After Yes" by Aidan Donnelly Rowley to give away. US Only. (Deadline: September 10th at midnight EST)

Suko's Notebook is giving away "Free to a Good Home" by Eve Marie Mont. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 13th at 5 pm PST.)

Lots of opportunities to win "She's Gone Country":

The Book Chick has a copy of "She's Gone Country" to give away. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 15th)

*A Bookworm's World: 3 copies to give away. US/Canada only, no PO boxes. (Deadline: September 18th at 6 pm EST)

*Also from Romance Author Buzz (Deadline: September 30th)

*Book End Babes also has your chance to win a copy of "She's Gone Country" (Deadline unknown)

*You can also win "She's Gone Country" from Books and Needlepoint. US/Canada only, no PO Boxes. (Deadline: September 21st)

Win "A Desirable Residence" by Madeleine Wickham from Chick Lit Reviews. (Deadline: September 4th)

Win "Hometown Girl" by Michele Ashman Bell from Linda Weaver Clarke. (Deadline unknown)

Win a copy of "Georgia's Kitchen" from The Book Chick. US/Canada only. (Deadline: TONIGHT at midnight EST)

A Bookworm's World has your chance to win Fragile by Lisa Unger. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 5th at 6 pm EST)

Jane Porter is having a photo contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize package! (Deadline: September 30th)

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Laura Rachel Fox said...

thanks again for sharing the contests. I really want that Kindle!!!