Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review: I Heart New York

I do not "heart" New York, having lived by the "Big Apple" for two and a half years. However, I really enjoyed seeing it through the eyes of Angela Clark, a girl who runs away from her home in London after catching her fiancé cheating on her at her best friend's wedding.

Lindsey Kelk takes her readers on Angela's adventures throughout New York City in the first book of what looks to be a fun and entertaining series. After Angela arrives in NYC, heartbroken and unsure of what she wants, she spends a few nights at a hotel and becomes best friends with the concierge, who helps her acclimate to her new environment. She then meets two guys and starts blogging about her dates for a magazine. Meanwhile, she continues to figure out where her place is in life and where she should live in order to be happy.

I enjoyed this story, as it was light, entertaining and very feminine. It was like a night on the town with a new girl friend. I felt it was the perfect escape from work, motherhood and all the other things in life that can be overwhelming at times. It fed some self-indulgent fantasies and I found it ultimately satisfying to live vicariously through Angela. It made me want to tell everyone who has had a bad breakup, or even a bad day, to escape to another city and start over fresh! To top it off, there were some nice "romantic" scenes that left me blushing!

The only criticism I had was that Ms. Kelk's editor did not pay much attention to spelling and grammatical errors before sending this off to be published. (Lindsey, if you need a new editor in the future, please contact me!) Overall, I had fun reading this novel and look forward to reading "I Heart Hollywood" and "I Heart Paris." I just hope one day that Angela will "heart" Washington DC! (I'd be glad to give Ms. Kelk a tour if she needs inspiration!)


Sarah said...

Great review!! I have been eyeing this book to read!!


Literary Marie said...

Great review!