Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing away

I was once again picked as a runner up by Rowan Coleman for her Friday Status Short Story contest. This was my entry.

I was startled by a loud gasp. “Of course, this WOULD happen right before prom! Tessa, do you have any pads?” Sherrie shouted from the stall next to me in the girls’ P.E. locker room.

“I don’t. Sorry. That does suck though,” I said flatly. I checked again to see if I would actually need any for myself today, but luck wasn’t on my side this time either. I wouldn’t be needing any pads now or for the next nine months.

I also started participating in a [Fiction] Friday challenge from "Write Anything." Here is my first mini-story. I received some positive feedback on it and decided to try it again this week. Check my personal blog on Friday to see more.

I've been on a writing kick lately. Mostly blogging, but it's good exercise for the mind. I have a weekly blog project going with a few other friends. We take turns coming up with topics and then we each blog about them. Some are more challenging than others. It's a lot of fun though.

Last week, a fellow blogger included me on an e-mail that she was sending to a bunch of authors to tell them about her recent blog post. I replied that I'm not a writer yet, but thanked her for including me. Then several authors wrote back telling me that if I write, then I'm a writer. :) And meeting with Sarah Pekkanen was also encouraging, as she shared her writing experiences and also offered advice for future writers. (I'll be posting this interview next week, so stay tuned!)

I still would like to enter the short story contest from Family Circle. I just need to get going on it. I have an idea and am still trying to figure out how I want to lay it out on paper. Sometimes I think I could do more with it and turn it into a full length novel. Pretty ambitious, right? :)

If you like to write and have a chick lit themed short story that you'd like me to post for you on this blog, please share. Don't be shy! I love reading short stories as much as novels, especially if they come from members of Chick Lit Central.

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