Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Review: Names My Sisters Call Me

By Melissa Amster

Anyone who has ever experienced intense sibling rivalry will appreciate "Names My Sisters Call Me" by Megan Crane. They'll instantly be able to relate to the drama between Courtney, Raine and Norah. And anyone who is best friends with their sibling will still appreciate it because it will remind them how lucky they have it!

The story starts out with a happy moment that is dragged throughout the book, due to a huge fight between two sisters and a guy who is connected to two other sisters. Courtney's boyfriend proposes to her on the first or second page of the story and she decides that her wedding won't be complete without Raine, who ruined Norah's wedding six years ago. Much to Norah's chagrin, Courtney seeks out Raine and has an encounter with a past love who broke her heart. The experience affects how she views her family, as well as her relationship with her fiancé. However, this fiancé and her best friend are the two voices of reason in the story, pulling her in multiple directions.

Megan Crane is great with descriptive language. I felt like I was standing right next to Courtney the entire time. She also has amazing use of dialogue between the characters. I could almost hear their voices hashing things out between each other. Throughout the story, I kept wondering what would happen next and what decisions Courtney would make. I wondered if the sisters would resolve their ongoing issues with each other. It had a very realistic feel overall. There were times when I felt more like Courtney's shrink than a reader, but the story still held my interest and kept me guessing at the same time.

I would be interested in reading Megan Crane's other stories if she uses such vivid and believable characters like she did with "Names..."

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