Friday, May 5, 2023

What's in the (e)mail


Business or Pleasure by Rachel Lynn Solomon from Berkley (NetGalley)
Maribelle’s Shadow by Susannah Marren from Beaufort Books (NetGalley)
The Measure of Silence by Elizabeth Langston from Lake Union (NetGalley)
The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner from Atria (NetGalley)
Ciao for Now by Kate Bromley from Graydon House (NetGalley)
Someone Else's Bucket List
by Amy T. Matthews from Kensington (NetGalley)
The First Date Prophecy by Kate and Danny Tamberelli from Kensington (NetGalley)
Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains from Kensington (NetGalley)
A Beautiful Rival by Gill Paul from William Morrow (NetGalley)
The Happiness Plan by Susan Mallery from Harlequin (NetGalley)
The First Ladies
by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray from Berkley (NetGalley)
Confessions of a Canine Drama Queen by Stefanie London from Harlequin (NetGalley)
The Moon Represents My Heart by Pim Wangtechawat from Blackstone (NetGalley)
Dreaming of Water by A.J. Banner from Lake Union (NetGalley)
Thank You for Sharing by Rachel Runya Katz from St. Martin's Press (NetGalley)
California Golden
by Melanie Benjamin from Ballantine (NetGalley)
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Suzy K Quinn from Rachel's Random Resources (NetGalley)
You, with a View by Jessica Joyce from Berkley (NetGalley)
The Fiction Writer by Jillian Cantor from Park Row (NetGalley)
Where the Grass Grows Blue by Hope Gibbs from Author Marketing Experts (ebook)
Mom Com by/from Hilary Grossman (ebook)
The Fall by Shari Low and Ross King from Rachel's Random Resources (NetGalley)
Love Notes by/from Aimee Brown (ebook)
I’m Not Done With You Yet by Jesse Q. Sutanto from Berkley (NetGalley)

Sara and Melissa:
Pity Date by/from Whitney Dineen (ebook)

All You Have to Do Is Call by Kerri Maher from Berkley (NetGalley)

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