Friday, April 7, 2023

What's in the (e)mail

Unorthodox Love by Heidi Shertok from Embla (NetGalley)
Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler from St. Martin's Press (NetGalley)
Community Board by Tara Conklin from HarperCollins (print)
There's No Coming Back from This by Ann Garvin from Lake Union (print)
He Said He Would Be Late by Justine Sullivan from Henry Holt (ebook)
The Woman at the Wheel by Penny Haw from Sourcebooks (NetGalley)
Reasonable Adults by Robin Lefler from Kensington (NetGalley)
In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae from Kensington (NetGalley)
Most Hated by/from Kara Alloway (NetGalley)
Love Child by Ashley Farley from Bette Lee Crosby (ebook)
The Boyfriend Candidate by Ashley Winstead from Graydon House (NetGalley)
The Better Half by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans from Mindy's Book Studio (NetGalley)
Fly With Me by Andie Burke from St. Martin's Press (NetGalley)
Love at 350° by Lisa Peers from Random House (NetGalley)
Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner from St. Martin's Press (NetGalley)
A Girl Called Samson by Amy Harmon from Lake Union (NetGalley)

The Foster Wife by/from Cindy Dorminy (ebook)
It Could Never Happen Here by Eithne Shortall from Independent Publishing Group (ebook)
Sammy Espinoza's Last Review by Tehlor Kay Mejia from Random House (NetGalley)
Spin the Bottle by Isabella May from Rachel's Random Resources (ebook)
Kiss the Sky by Krista and Becca Ritchie from Berkley (NetGalley)
The Memory of You by Samantha Tonge from Rachel's Random Resources (NetGalley)

The Caretakers by Amanda Bestor-Siegal from William Morrow (print)

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