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Book Review: Cop an Attitude

By Sara Steven

Their reunion left a lot to be desired. Are they a disaster in the making or totally meant to be?

I kicked love to the curb for the greater good. After all, my soaring career would’ve made my family so proud, and men have a tendency to stop success cold. But I never expected a single and sexy police officer to pull me over, flirt with me, and then write me a ticket.

Now I see the infuriating cop everywhere I go. It doesn’t help that we have a past, and he’s an amazing dad to his daughter. And every time I want to get back to my small-town routine, I can only think about what my life would be like with the no-nonsense policeman…

I should really just forget the whole thing. But if I do, will I lose my last chance at love?

Cop An Attitude is the charming first book in the I Can’t Stop Loving You romantic comedy series. If you like engaging characters, enemies to lovers, and laughing out loud, then you’ll adore Hilary Grossman’s humorous walk on the wild side. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Waverly is the type of person who is constantly on go mode. She works hard and doesn’t expect that success will come easy, which means long hours at the office, putting any kind of social life and romance on the backburner. In fact, the idea of romance completely puts her off, considering her past. She seems content with continually trying to live her best life, the way she wants to live it, period. 

Pete has dealt with heartbreak of his own. It was apparent that he felt most comfortable when he knew he could put his guard up, an easier thing to do considering his single father status. His daughter means the world to him, consistently putting her first–which only aids in keeping people away. In his opinion, no one will ever be good enough for her. 

After a chance meeting, neither Waverly nor Pete can get one another out of each other’s minds, no matter what they do or what they try. It doesn’t help that the two characters know each other from childhood, and from what Pete can remember, Waverly hadn’t been kind to him, making his elementary school years a living hell.  Pete uses his profession as a police officer to antagonize Waverly, gently towing the line between unprofessionalism and reason, which made me feel irritated with him from time to time considering the prankster mentality he seems to have. While it appears he’s doing it all in the name of payback, I think it goes deeper than that. In an effort to steer clear of Waverly, it’s better to keep her at arm’s length at all cost–no matter how that is achieved. 

It was a slow burn scenario. Will they or won’t they? Can they both let go of past hurts in order to see what’s right in front of them? Can Pete forgive Waverly? While the reader gets to discover that, we also get to see the secondary friendships and relationships that aid in Waverly and Pete’s discoveries, like Sydney from Forest River PTA Moms, the previous book series written by Grossman. She is the perfect support system for Waverly. The conversation and dialogue flowed well and effortlessly, often tongue-and-cheek and humorous, particularly when Waverly is angry with Pete, and he won’t let her win. Not ever.   

I’ll admit it: when Grossman’s Forest River PTA Moms series ended, I was a bit saddened by the loss of such great characters. When you find a good book series, you never want it to end! Having said that, though, I’m really digging Cop an Attitude, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in the "I Can’t Stop Loving You" series. No doubt about it: this is a five-star experience! 

Thanks to Hilary Grossman for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Christina Boyd said...

I loved Pete and Waverley too! Great review.