Thursday, January 20, 2022

Lauren Layne has made it a book giveaway

We are pleased to have Lauren Layne at CLC today to talk about her latest novel, Made in Manhattan, which released this week. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis sounds enticing. Thanks to Gallery, we have THREE copies for some lucky readers!

Lauren Layne has authored over two dozen novels that have sold more than one million copies in nine languages. Layne’s previous novel, To Sir, With Love (June 2021), was a June 2021 Library Reads Pick and an Apple Books July 2021 “Best Book of the Month. It received *starred* reviews from Library Journal, BookPage, Publishers Weekly and coverage including USA Today, TheSkimm, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Country Living, and more. With each book she writes, Layne’s star only continues to rise higher and burn brighter as she garners increasing recognition as a Big Name in the romcom genre.

Visit Lauren at her website and on Instagram.

Violet Townsend is a people-pleaser. Raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she says the right things, wears the right clothes, and never rocks the boat. So when Edith Rhodes, the elderly CEO of a billion-dollar company and surrogate grandmother to the long-ago orphaned Violet, asks her to teach her newly discovered grandson how to fit in with New York City’s elite, Violet agrees. Her Assignment? To prepare Cain Stone to take his place as heir to his family company…but he’s not exactly an eager student. The only reason he’s even stuck around this long is for the hefty paycheck at the end.

But somewhere amidst antagonistic dinner parties and tortured tux fittings, Cain and Violet come to a begrudging understanding—and the uptight Violet realizes she’s not the only one doing the teaching. As she and Cain begin to find mutual respect for one another (and maybe even something more), Violet learns that blindly following society’s rules doesn’t lead to happiness…and that sometimes the best things in life come from the most unexpected places.

"This lighthearted read includes witty banter, a "phew, that’s hot" romance, and the author's adept ability to bring her characters and their experiences off the page and into your life. New York’s never felt more real than it does in Layne’s Made in Manhattan." 
--USA Today

"Layne (To Sir, with Love) brings a light touch to this delightful, gender-swapped My Fair Lady tale in which the city itself is a nuanced character…[It] is sure to tug readers' heartstrings. Layne has a skill for building unique heroines, and Violet...adds depth to this contemporary. Layne’s fans are sure to be pleased.” 
--Publishers Weekly

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
I definitely get warm-fuzzies anytime readers compliment the banter in my books. It’s my favorite thing to write!
How is Violet similar to or different from you?
We’re more similar than not! We look alike, same taste in style—I even have pearls that I wear quite often! The biggest difference is that the occasional four-letter word probably rolls of my tongue a bit more easily than it does hers. :-) 
If Made in Manhattan were to become a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
Oh gosh, I’m pretty ignorant on modern pop culture—I still think of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as the ultimate rom-com leads! Okay, let’s see…I can see Shelley Hennig as Violet, but I’m drawing a blank on Cain! I have such a clear picture of him in my head, but no actors quite fit! Maybe Tyler Hoechlin comes closest?
Who was your childhood celebrity crush?
I don’t want to say! *cringes* Okay, fine! JTT!!

(For those of you who don't know, it's Jonathan Taylor Thomas.)
What is your go-to outfit?
Ha, I was just chatting with an author-friend about how we couldn’t remember the last time we wore pants that had a button! It’s winter right now, and I’ve been wearing a lot of black leggings, bit cozy turtleneck sweaters, and Chelsea boots with gold hoop earrings as my go-to! 
What is your favorite thing about New York City?

The vibrancy! So many people I encounter just on a day-to-day basis are here in the city to pursue their dream job, or because it's their dream to live here. That sort of deliberateness, the sense of being surrounded by people who dream really big, gives New York a wonderful kind of energy! 

Thanks to Lauren for visiting with us and to Gallery for sharing her book with our readers.

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I would enjoy a Broadway show.

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I have only been twice and both were quite some time ago.
I loved the Russian Tea room.

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I went to New York City back in 2005 and my favorite part was Times Square. It's such an exciting, vibrant, busy area. I also saw two Broadway shows, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and went to Tavern on the Green in Central Park.

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Yes, I have visited New York City. I enjoyed visiting some of the famous sites there.

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I have never been to New York City, but I would enjoy the shopping.

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I have not visited NY yet. I'd like to spend a week and just explore.

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Broadway show

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it has a little bit of everything.

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I've never been to New York City. If I ever have the chance to go it would be to see a Broadway show or two.

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