Monday, November 1, 2021

Book Review: Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All

By Sara Steven

Love, career, kids—Brooklyn Monroe wants it all. Her beauty company? A triumph. Her love life? Total fail. At 42, that makes motherhood her top priority. With no man in her life, she’s prepared to fly solo, but her plan is derailed when a mailing list mishap turns Brooklyn into a someone-get-me-pregnant internet meme. Making her PR nightmare go away entails a soul-baring interview on national TV. And the guy asking the questions? Her all-too sexy ex.

Talk show host Alec Trakas is the king of bad timing. Case in point, his heartbreaking romance with Brooklyn. Alec was all about commitment but Brooklyn was launching her start-up, and forever wasn’t in the cards. Now a shot at his ultimate dream job depends on convincing Brooklyn to spill the secrets leading to her viral celebrity. It sets Alec’s star rising, but puts Brooklyn in a sea of flirty men. Fate has thrown them back together. Sparks are flying. But is the timing finally right? Because having it all might not be worth the risk of losing each other again.  (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

I love unique storylines, and I really felt that with Brooklyn’s situation! While it might not be completely off base to read a story about a woman in her forties who is looking to move from career to family life, the mailing list mishap is totally different and so funny!

From the get go, the reader understands that Brooklyn has never been lucky in love. It appears that the love of her life is Alec, but it took a lot for her to get over him the first time around. That’s why it’s so hard for her to keep it together in order to have a sit-down interview with him on national TV. I love how the script has been flipped; usually, we read stories about men who are completely career-focused, yet for Brooklyn, it’s been highly important to her to do as well as she can for her beauty company. One of the biggest reasons that the relationship she had with Alec didn’t work out is because of how little she seemed to invest in what they had, but now it appears as though Alec’s shot at making an even bigger name for himself is in the works. Now he’s the one who is a lot more career-focused, and she’s the one who wants a family. 

The mailing list mishap, along with the past, threatens any potential relationship they might have. But Brooklyn knows what she wants, and she doesn’t want to put her life on hold. Maybe not even for Alec. But what do you do when you love someone? There were a lot of tough calls and even tougher situations that were presented in this story, and through it all I could see both sides to the situation, and could completely understand how each primary character felt. 

The dialogue between them, and with the secondary characters flowed extremely well. It was smooth and easy, which made it even easier for me to delve deep into Brooklyn Monroe, wondering if she really will have it all or if she’ll have to choose between the man she’s always wanted, or the family she’s always wanted. A definite, five-star experience!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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