Friday, September 17, 2021

Book Review: Taylor Partially Matured

By Sara Steven

Now that she's been admitted to the Sweet Water Circle, a group of long-time friends now in their 30s and 40s who love to push each other to be their best selves, Taylor is tasked with growing up. God knows they have no hope of curing her inappropriate behavior. After calling for a Sweet Water Circle intervention, fellow Circle member and Taylor's boss, Shelly, puts Taylor on the clock: figure out what she wants to do with her life or join the unemployment line. Who knew getting paid to do nothing wasn't a long-term career option? Taylor certainly didn't, so of course, she rebels. Why think about the future when she's having so much fun in the present?

The pressure on Taylor intensifies when the a love match set for Shelly falls for Taylor instead. This love match is none other than Benjamin Bach (Billionaire Ben), a contemporary of the Sweet Water Circle who has since made it big in Silicon Valley. Should Taylor take Ben on as her sugar daddy or pursue her own career? Or will the Sweet Water Circle's top-heavy nemesis, Sasha, beat her to it?

Follow Taylor on a journey of self discovery and misadventure (and total inappropriateness) in love and life. If you've read Project Kaitlyn or Jenn Reinvented you know that full maturity for Taylor is out of the question, but perhaps partial maturation is possible? Or maybe not. How can Taylor grow up and find her passion and still be Taylor? You'll laugh out loud as she tries. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

I’ve had the pleasure of reading the other two books in this series, and I’m so glad we get one from Taylor’s perspective! 

Maybe it was just me, but the match between Ben and Taylor reminded me a little of Pretty Woman. You’ve got Taylor, who is incredibly brash and loud, constantly saying things that not only shock her Sweet Water Circle, but completely shocks Ben. Ben on the other hand is more quiet and contained and prefers a quiet night at home versus the late nights out at bars and clubs, which is more Taylor’s scene. Their social statuses and monetary means are completely different too, with Ben being a billionaire, while Taylor is deep in debt and about to lose her job. You’d think there would be no way that the two of them would connect with one another, yet Taylor brings out the voice within Ben, while Ben attempts to smooth out the rough edges on Taylor. It could be a classic tale of opposites attract, or it could be an epic disaster! 

It’s hard not to love Taylor’s “live for today” motto. I never knew for sure what I’d get to witness, considering she appears to be up for anything. But while keeping with this type of lifestyle, it also means keeping all of her relationships at arm’s length. There’s never any future. That combined with a lot of crazy, wild snafus can mean confusion and feeling upended, even for someone as content with going where the wind blows like Taylor tends to be. 

I appreciated all of it. The vulnerability as Taylor begins to trust Ben, and the armor she puts up when she feels she can’t. I love the way Grayson Avery writes the dialogue and scenery, too. There is a lot of witty banter and funny punches that really showcase each character’s personalities. It was nice to acquaint myself with former stars in this series, like Kait and Jenn, and I’m fairly certain I saw something indicating that the next book in this series will be about the queen of mean, Sasha. I can’t wait!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Grayson Avery is the author of The Sweet Water Circle Series, a romantic comedy series that focuses on childhood friends in their 30s and 40s as they help each other navigate the stormy waters of dating, marriage, divorce, and a whole lot of inappropriate, naughty, and downright hysterical situations.

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