Thursday, August 26, 2021

Book Review: First Date Stories

By Cindy Roesel

Chances are, if you’re in your mid-thirties or over and you’re dating, you have a few really good and bad first date stories. In FIRST DATE STORIES: Women’s Romantic and Ridiculous Midlife Adventures (She Writes Press), Jodi Klein shares some of her pre-Mr. Yes stories, along with friend’s triumphs and disasters. Before she begins, Jodi says right up front that being single should be celebrated and this is just some knowledge to have before you go out there. “Jodi writes these stories focus on heterosexual daters and shouldn’t be regarded as purposefully exclusionary of the LGBTQ community. It’s my hope that everyone finds the love they seek.”

FIRST DATE STORIES is broken up into several sections. First are the dating stories and then the takeaways each woman experiences, along with some lessons to be learned. Jodi suggests keeping a journal so you can keep track of what dating sites you use, what you talked about with a date and hopefully it keeps you from not dating Mr. No twice.

Some things to consider while on a first date: does he seem safe, nice, make you laugh or can you imagine kissing him? Remember every no is closer to a yes. Love yourself enough so you can walk away from Mr. Maybe and then find Mr. Yes.

“You’ve got to keep showing up.”

Jodi says you’re not alone on this journey considering how many dating sites, apps and virtual meeting places there are available. She says to grow your network, try activities you’ve never done before, talk to strangers and don’t be afraid to go to social events alone. You never know!

Thanks to SparkPoint Studio for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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