Thursday, July 29, 2021

Book Review: Love to the Rescue

By Cindy Roesel

Marin McAllister loves dachshunds. Her whole life revolves around rescuing and making sure they have wonderful forever homes. Park Robinson loves his dachshund, Lamar. They meet at the Delray Beach Dachshund Derby in Janet Franks Little’s novel, LOVE TO THE RESCUE (Anessa Books). It’s part of her “Love on a Leash” series. Marin and Park couldn’t be more different. When pitted against each other in the derby race, free spirit Marin is loosey-goosey about the rules. Handsome, brown-eyed, Park is a stickler. Marin wins the race using some clever ingenuity and Park is annoyed.

But apparently Park has eyes for Marin and keeps showing up unexpectedly and surprising her. Eventually, one of their friends talks them into a date and there’s definite chemistry. She’s secretive about her wealthy background, which has been problematic for her in the past. He’s not too excited to share his family’s traveling around in an RV and their involvement with Renaissance Fairs. They keep dating and eventually Park offers to do the accounting for Marin’s charity, The Forever Homes Dachshund Foundation. When Park discovers someone has been embezzling money from the foundation, they have polar opposite reactions on how to deal with the thief, which leads to them breaking up. 

LOVE TO THE RESCUE tackles some serious topics like gambling and addiction. It shares insight on family dynamics and trusting others. You’ll really enjoy it if you love four-legged fur babies. It’s a cute book, but it felt a little too long to me. When you read it, maybe you won’t feel that way. FYI: There are some pretty explicit sex scenes, so if that offends you, be warned.

Thanks to Author Marketing Experts for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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