Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Book Review: The Love Square

By Cindy Roesel

We’ve all heard of a love triangle, but what about a love square? In Laura Jane Williams’ new novel, THE LOVE SQUARE (Avon/HarperCollins), Chef Penny Bridge goes from finding herself unlovable to having two, too many men in her life.

Penny owns a small café in North London and she’s decided she’s not “doing men now,” until she meets Francesco Cipolla. She finds out he’s a pastry chef and they have so many things in common. She falls hard for him.

Her uncle Davey raised her and sister, Clementine after their father abandoned them and her mother passed away from breast cancer. Penny had cancer too, in her early 20’s and decided to have her eggs fertilized for the future.

Penny’s uncle Davey has a heart attack and she finds herself leaving London to run his pub, The Red Panda out in the country. Uncle Davey has always made it known he wants Penny to take over. But that’s not before she finds herself falling for Francesco. The day she leaves London, she drives away, doubles back to ask him to come with her and finds him in the arms of his former lover. She decides she was foolish to get involved and there will be no more men in her life. She’ll now have time to figure out what she really wants and won’t be thrown off course.

The Red Panda becomes a bigger success under Penny’s leadership as she expands the menu. Soon she’s in a relationship with Thomas and Priyesh, but she can’t help thinking about Francesco.

Before I reveal anymore of the story, I want to tell you what I took away from THE LOVE SQUARE. Penny allows herself to make mistakes and right a wrong path. She experiences love, grief and uncertainty as well as disappointment. Eventually love wins out as it always does in a rom-com, but it’s not before lots of drama and lessons. Many lessons that all of us can learn from. 

Thanks to Harper 360 for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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