Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Book Review: Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye

By Cindy Roesel

"Sometimes a cute random can turn into the love of your life."

Leia and Tarquin are both inside a London big box store when the lights go out. In Jacquelyn Middleton's new novel SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE (KirkwallBooks) they have a meet cute once the lights are back on. They're both smitten but very standoffish. Trust me, that won't be for long. They get to know every inch of each other very well. Tarquin wants to give Leia his number, but gives her his friend Simon's number instead.

Leia is a Canadian visiting her sister from her home base, Brooklyn, New York. She's a dressmaker and her company, "Frill-Seekers" is on the verge of success. Tarquin is part of one of Britain's richest families, but he doesn't behave with any attitude. He goes over to Simon's workshop and invites Leia out. They are both fresh off very hurtful relationships and don't want anything serious.  The date turns into the best sex either one has ever had. Tarquin opens up to Leia about his depression and she can relate but doesn't tell him. She extends her trip, but eventually has to go home. They agree that neither one can do long distance, so they call it quits, or do they? 

SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE is about sharing secrets, trusting your instincts and ultimately embracing the courage to be yourself. I liked both of the main characters, Leia and Tarquin. They are compelling, relatable and their love is true. We've all had our own first dates and know what a disaster that can be or surprise magic. SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE is filled with diverse side characters that all have their own distinct humor. But in addition to being a sexy rom-com, SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE includes a serious message.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, please contact one of the websites below:
US Anxiety and Depression Association of America
The Canadian Mental Health Association
Mind (UK)

Thanks to Jacquelyn Middleton for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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