Monday, January 27, 2020

Book Review: A Reason to Grieve

By Sara Steven

Tom and Emma drift through life, both burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Both have suffered devastating loss and have closed themselves off to the possibility of happiness. Then, at a funeral, their eyes meet and they feel something neither expected.

Supported by their quirky friends and a ‘right to the point’ pensioner, will they overcome their fears and find the solution to the pain within each other, or will they give up and go their separate ways? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

It’s not every day that the primary characters in a novel meet up by way of a funeral-a funeral for someone that neither of them know. Yet that’s how Tom and Emma find one another, an unconventional romance that added buoyancy to what could have been dark, a great balancing act that made for an interesting and unique experience.

Tom and Emma are emotionally stunted, but not by choice. The grief experienced in life has contributed to their lack of emotion, contributing to a few comical moments where they place themselves in situations in order to ultimately feel something. I was right there with them, leaning in, wondering if I’d get to witness a release. Having similar personalities seems to be what has initially attracted the two to one another, yet the road is rough when neither one wants to give, or show themselves for who they really are. A matter of protection.

The romance spreads slowly over the pages, and I liked that gradual progression. It only added to the honesty of who Tom and Emma are separately, and together. There is no rush, and it was timed wonderfully with the rest of the action occurring around them, and there is a lot. But there is more of that balance, so it never feels heavy or one-sided. It flowed well.

The foundation for A Reason to Grieve are the friendships both Tom and Emma share, adding a nice multi-dimensional layer to their story. An anchor that prevents them from floating away, particularly with all the deep-seeded issues they both face. It’s in the exchanges with their friends and the way they reach out to others that really helps the reader see what kind of characters they are, even when they try to hide it. A Reason to Grieve is a definite five-star read!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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