Thursday, December 26, 2019

Book Review: Extracurricular (Book One)

By Melissa Amster

Audrey Thorpe's dirty little secret will soon be the downfall of everyone and everything she holds dear: love, family, friends, and her high school alma mater.​

It's your child's senior year. A private prep school's reputation is at stake. A math teacher refuses to grade his final exams on a curve. Students have only one more shot at the SAT before college applications are due. And a few desperate parents have much more money than brains.

Extracurricular, new lust, old loves, a dark family secret, and rich crazy parents behaving badly lead to a college admissions cheating scandal, setting off a crisis of conscience for the parents, teachers, administrator, and the students involved —

And a catharsis for one couple about their marriage.
(Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

The synopsis above doesn't really give a flavor for what Extracurricular is really about. The beginning plays on the college admissions scandal from earlier this year (the one involving Aunt Becky from Full House). Then it goes back in time to when Audrey was in high school and a new, very handsome teacher is employed there. Reeling from a recent breakup, Audrey now has her eye on this teacher. However, he acts like she doesn't exist. And there are other factors at play, as well. (Audrey's mom runs the school, so this complicates things even more.)

I wasn't sure where this story was going originally, but I like where it went. It definitely satisfied the void that The Politician left when I was finished binge-watching that show. It has the same level of scandal and deceit, told in Josie Brown's compelling gossipy style. I couldn't stop reading it because I just needed to know what would happen. There were lots of interesting surprises and twists...and this is only book one! One aspect of the story reminded me of when I did speech team in high school.

I just wish there wasn't all the extra material afterward, because it was misleading on my Kindle. I was at 75% and it just finished and then there were excerpts from other books Josie has written. I can't wait to read books two and three, but I also need to spread around my attention to other authors. I hope to get back to them soon though!

Binge-worthy TV series casting ideas:
Audrey (late 90s): India Eisley
Audrey (present): Rachael Leigh Cook
Egan: Henry Cavill
Mandy (late 90s): Debby Ryan
Lavinia: Tina Fey

Thanks to Josie Brown for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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