Friday, November 8, 2019

Book Review: Bride Squad Runaway

By Sara Steven

Ava O'Hara seems to have it all . . . She has a great job, a long-term relationship and the promise of a wedding on the horizon. But her fiancé has other plans, and Ava's not part of them.

On the big day itself, she's forced to flee the ruins of her best life. Ava needs help, and fast. Who knew that a trio of old friends, two roguish strangers in an ice-cream van and one handsome French man would turn out to be the best emergency bride squad ever?
(Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

Old friends and new friends and the jerks in between; a large factor to the premise surrounding Bride Squad Runaway!

As indicated in the synopsis, Ava has a life that most people would look at as a charmed existence. But as is usually the case, what something looks like on the surface almost always is not true to form. The great job hasn’t fulfilled her deep-rooted passions, her long-term relationship hasn’t, either- and while she’s continually trying to find her way, she’s often making compromises in order to appease everyone else. Ava finds herself in a gigantic colossal rut, figuring it’s easier to move with the tide than to fight against it.

When there is no change, a change is made for you. Suddenly, Ava is in a situation where she’s losing everything she worked so hard for, bringing her front and center to the one real question she’s had a hard time coming to grips with: Is it worth it? The job, the man, the steps she’s taking in her life… if she can’t do what she really wants to do, if she can’t entertain the thought of actually being with someone who brings sparks of joy to her life- what’s the point?

Cue the girlfriends! Two women who were once such an intricate part of her world, yet with time and distance, it feels like those relationships, much like the rest of her, are hanging on by a thin thread. We get to see the gradual slip and slide that can happen to even the best-of-intentioned friendships, but there is a chance for repair, and both women act like mirrors that replicate the varying sides to who Ava is. To add even more fun to this chaotic “coming home” experience, is the added bonus of the two strangers in an ice-cream van! I had a lot of fun getting to learn more about the roguish men who prove that you should never judge a book by its cover. While Ava deals with the jerk who becomes a stumbling road block to her happiness, watching this oddball group of people come together for her aid was a lot of fun to witness!

There were plenty of laughs and fun moments to Bride Squad, but there were plenty of serious ones, too. Changes that age us and stage us, life experiences that aren’t always pleasant, some that can feel downright damaging. I appreciated those particular moments, too, because it brought out an element of honesty to the level of fun. There has to be bad with the good, but it’s how you deal with it that makes all the difference. And of course, if we can’t have Paris, there’s always Ava’s French man that garners in at a close second!

Thanks to Black & White Publishing for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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