Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Book Review: Home for June

By Melissa Amster

Practical and hard-working event planner Hannah Delaney has only ever known life on her family's chicken farm in Tarrin's Bay. Needing a fresh start, she has finally made the decision to move to the city. But just when her mind's made up, her past comes back to town - Luca Antonescu, her secret high school crush.

Grieving the loss of his mother, Luca is back in Tarrin's Bay after years away working as a chef. He's finally ready to settle down and open his own restaurant in his parents' honour. When he runs into his old friend, Hannah's event management skills seem like the perfect fit for his restaurant's launch.

But as they work together to set up the new business, secrets are uncovered and long ago feelings resurface. Luca soon realises that he wants more with Hannah. But the woman he wants to share it with has other plans. Will Hannah follow through with her move to the city, or will she realise that everything she's ever wanted is back home in the town of new beginnings?
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I have been enjoying Juliet Madison's Tarrin's Bay series ever since I picked up The January Wish. I just wish she didn't wait so long between "months." Thankfully, each story has different characters and plots (so we're not left hanging between books) and sometimes will feature characters from previous stories. Since Tarrin's Bay is a small town, there were a lot of cameos in her latest installment from the series, Home for June.

The novels in the Tarrin's Bay series are comfort reads. They are sweet stories that deal with various emotions the characters are going through in a given situation. I enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Luca and hearing both of their perspectives. I was rooting for them to get together the entire time and was frustrated when something got in the way of their chances. I enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspect of setting up a new restaurant. It sounded like a neat place that I would totally check out if it were real (and I was in Australia). It was amusing to read this as an American, as I kept expecting June to have hot weather. In Australia, it's on the verge of winter!

The only concerns for me were that the story felt a little slow in parts, such as when the characters were dwelling on why they couldn't make things work for a relationship. Also, some aspects felt too good to be true. While it is fiction, I felt like there should have been more obstacles involved.

I enjoyed this story overall and am looking forward to the next installment in the series. Especially since it will take place during my birthday month!

Movie casting suggestions:
Hannah: Abbie Cornish
Luca: Luke Arnold

Thanks to Escape Publishing for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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