Tuesday, April 16, 2019

See what's cooking with Stephanie Evanovich...plus a book giveaway

We're so excited to have Stephanie Evanovich at CLC today to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, Under the Table. Her books are always a treat and we're excited to check this one out. Thanks to William Morrow, we have THREE copies to give away!

Stephanie Evanovich has been crafting stories since she could form sentences. Born and raised in New Jersey, the Garden State, her fertile imagination kept working overtime as she raised her family and rooted for their teams. Sons, sports and storytelling finally combined to create her New York Times bestselling debut novel, Big Girl Panties. Since then she's written two more books: The Sweet Spot and The Total Package. A firm believer in the power of high-octane coffee and happy endings, you'll find her at her desk working on the next story with her hyperactive pup, Griffin, doing her best to distract her. (Bio courtesy of Stephanie's website.)

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Suffocating in a dead-end marriage, Midwesterner Zoey Sullivan fled to New York and moved in with her older sister Ruth, a carefree, vivacious beauty with a string of eligible bachelors at her beck and call. Giving herself three months in the city to clear her head and find a direction, Zoey dodges calls from her ex Derek, and distracts herself by cooking and catering a few private dinners and parties. Pursuing her passion for cooking was never an option when she was with Derek, and now Zoey relishes her independence.

When Zoey’s meets reclusive millionaire Tristan Malloy, she’s blown away by his kitchen—a marble and stainless steel temple worthy of the culinary gods—and charmed by his impeccable gentlemanly manners. But despite his firm body, handsome looks, and piles of cash, Tristan—a computer programmer—is shy and more than a little socially awkward. Zoey is sure that Tristan has all the right raw ingredients—and she’s the right person to spice them up turn him into a delectable dish.

But Zoey’s unprepared for just how well her makeover works. Tristan turns out to be even sexier once he’s gained a little confidence and the right wardrobe. Beneath the gorgeous package, Tristan is a great guy who deserves a woman who really appreciates him. Slowly but surely, Zoey realizes she may have found her perfect match—but does Tristan even know how her feelings have changed? Is that warm look in his eyes gratitude for the new and exciting world she’s ushered him into, or something more? And what will happen when Zoey’s ex comes to town, looking to win her back? (Courtesy of Amazon.)

What did you learn from writing your previous novels that you applied to Under the Table?
That when it comes to writing, there's always room for improvement. It's a craft you never stop learning about. That's probably true about most creative art endeavors - acting, music, painting. Oh, and that you can't be afraid to try new stuff. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And that's okay. It's all part of the process.

What is a favorite compliment you've received on your writing?
Whenever somebody takes the time out of their day to reach out with kindness is instantly a favorite. I recently had a bookkeeper write and tell me that she listens to my audio books at work and it makes her feel like she's living a more interesting life than just crunching numbers. As a former number cruncher, I was deeply touched, because I could relate to it. But it's no less profound than the person who wrote to tell me that one of my books brought them a little joy while they were going through a particularly challenging time in their life. Everything's relative.

If you could cast Under the Table as a movie, who would star in the lead roles?
Zoey: Kirsten Storms
Tristan: Josh Swickard
Ruth: Chloe Lanier
Derek: Chad Duell
Blake: Bradford Anderson

And yes, if you watch General Hospital, you'll sense a theme.

What is your favorite thing to cook for dinner?
I'm going to go with meatloaf, if for no other reason than my family goes bonkers when I make it. Nobody talks when we have it, it's just a bunch of "mmmmm's" while eating. They're so easy to please.

What is the last book you read that you would recommend?
The Sisters Hemingway by Annie England Noblin. I love Annie's books. She's such a good writer. Sisters has it all, family drama, secrets and beautifully developed, interesting characters.

Which game show would you totally win if you got to be a contestant?
I love this question! I am a game show freak. We always have them on. I know I would win at Supermarket Sweep (It's all about getting the shopping list and a bonus). But since you can only see that one in re-runs, I'd have to go with The Price is Right.

Thanks so much for letting me stop by Chick Lit Central to spend some time with you and your readers!

Thanks to Stephanie for spending time with us and to William Morrow for sharing her book with our readers.

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GrandmaD said...

The game show I would win is Who wants to be a Millionaire?

GrandmaD said...
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Celia Fowler said...

I think I could make a good showing on Wheel of Fortune. Thanks so much for your giveaway!

Pippa said...


Michelle L said...

Wheel of Fortune

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Kelley B said...

Price Is Right.

Janine said...

I don't know if I would win or not, but I with my shopping habits of the past and retail experience, I might do pretty good at The Price is Right.

Bonnie K. said...

I think I could really do well of Wheel of Fortune as long as I don't land on bankrupt or lose a turn. I generally solve the puzzle before the contestants.

Mary C said...

The Price Is Right

Nancy said...

I am pretty good at some categories of Jeopardy.

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Grandma Cootie said...

Not sure I would win but I would do well on Jeopardy

diannekc said...

I would like to say Jeopardy, but in reality it would probably Wheel of Fortune.

Peggy Russo said...

Wheel of Fortune for sure!

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I would love to say I would win Jeopardy! but I do believe I would do better at Wheel of Fortune!

Mary Preston said...

I'm not sure. Maybe Wheel of Fortune.

Linda Kish said...

I probably wouldn't win but, I think I would do okay on Wheel of Fortune.

Kate Vocke said...

Wheel of Fortune definitely!

Summer said...

Like so many others here, I think I'd probably do decently at Wheel Of Fortune.

bn100 said...

Wheel of Fortune

Kelly Rodriguez said...

Wheel of Fortune

Linda May said...

It would definitely be Wheel of Fortune, I watch it every night & there is so many times I guess the puzzle before anybody else does. Thanks for this generous chance.