Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Book Review: From Runway to Love

By Sara Steven

Living the dream life as a model in New York City used to be enough for gorgeous Olivia Fulton. Now even the fame isn't enough to bring her out of her funk. A series of events bring Olivia face to face with the regrets of her past. Add in the collapse of her three-year relationship and reconnecting with long-lost friends, and Olivia may finally be able to learn—the hard way of course—that everything she thought was important really isn't.

A surprising love interest begins to teach Olivia about the person she truly wants to be. However, this is not compatible with her current life, and in order to be that person, Olivia may have to give up everything she's worked for. Torn between terror and exhilaration, Olivia must now decide if she's capable of this type of change. Will she even be able to open her heart to love again? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

From Runway to Love is the third installment in the Love in the City series, with the first two reads giving us backgrounds into Olivia’s best girlfriends, with Stacy in On the Road to Love, and CJ in All You Need is Love. I enjoyed their points of view, and was eagerly anticipating Olivia’s. This last installment doesn’t disappoint!

It was enlightening to witness such a big change in Olivia, in where her priorities lie and what’s most important to her. You get the impression that there was a time when the world had her on a pedestal, and it’s been a weighty fall. The change began in On the Road to Love, but you really see it and feel it when it comes from her own perspective. I enjoyed reading up on all three ladies and what life has thrown at them, but I felt most connected with Olivia. Maybe because I felt she had a lot more to lose, and the biggest transformation. Melissa Baldwin has done a great job of showcasing that, while still making Olivia into one of those characters you would love to get to know, to befriend, and has this flawless way of being the coolest person in the room. You can’t help but want to get to know her.

While we’re used to only imagining what it would be like to have others worship us, it’s something that Olivia has to deal with. We get to see what that’s like, and how it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. This makes it hard for her where relationships are concerned, on whether she can find someone who meets the certain criteria society tells her she should look for in a mate, no matter what her personal feelings are. That can be a tough way to live life, and we get to see that struggle.

While From Runway to Love is about Olivia and her quest in finding love, it’s also about her relationships with her best friends, mending bridges with family, finding a sense of direction and a place within the other people who she discovers are most important in her world. It’s an all-over quest, making her a much-needed well rounded individual, and someone you want to continue to get to know, because she’s just that great. I had a great time in reading her story, and reading all of the books in this series.

Thanks to Melissa Baldwin for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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