Thursday, March 1, 2018

Book Review: One Night to Fall

By Sara Steven

To Kinsey McKenna, Patrick Kinney was a persistent glob of sticky peanut butter. He had been stuck to the roof of her mouth, since they were both three years old, when fate seemed to send his family next door to hers. All the way from the coast of Ireland to River Canyon, Connecticut.

Over twenty-nine years, fate has been both kind and cruel and many choices have been made. Can things go back to when they were more innocent and magical? Patrick has a plan and just one night to try and take back the reins of his destiny and put the wrong things right with a trip down memory lane. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

One of my favorite references from this novel pertains to the way Kinsey feels about Patrick. As though Patrick is like a glob of peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth. It’s when she says his name in its entirety; Patrick Kinney. Or, in her mind, ‘Patrickkinney’. One long word, one drawn out experience that she just can’t seem to get over or ignore and when she really thinks deep down about it, she doesn’t want to. It’s the strong connection between these two characters that really draws the reader into One Night to Fall.

There is a lot of hurt and anger behind their past. A lot of unspoken feelings that neither character wants to own up to, because of pride and fear, but they can’t forget the ties that bind them, the way their chance meeting felt like fate. There were many moments of give and take, push and pull that led to a plethora of build-ups that I never wanted to see come to fruition, but then again I did. I wanted to continue to be a greedy reader who could live within their indecision and ‘will I, won’t I’ mentality, because it meant not having to see the story come to an end.

Having read Holly Freakin’ Hughes (reviewed here), this is another great read from Kelsey Kingsley, I’m not at all surprised at how well-written and entertaining One Night to Fall has turned out to be. I really want to see what comes next, and I’m so glad this novel is #1 of the Kinney Brothers series. It will be interesting to read about the experiences that come from this boisterous group of individuals, while hopefully getting a little more on what has happened in Kinsey and Patrick’s lives, too.

Thanks to Kelsey Kingsley for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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