Friday, August 18, 2017

What's in the a giveaway

Melissa A:
Virtually Perfect by Paige Roberts from Kensington (e-book via NetGalley)
Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle from St. Martin's Press
P.S. From Paris by Marc Levy from Amazon Crossing
Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang from BookSparks
The Leavers by Lisa Ko from BookSparks
Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka from BookSparks
Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige from BookSparks
Jack with a Twist by/from Brenda Janowitz (e-book)
Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land from Flatiron
Living the Dream by Lauren Berry from Henry Holt
Class Mom by Laurie Gelman from Henry Holt

Melissa A and Sara:
Kindred Spirits by/from Whitney Dineen

I'm the One Who Got Away by Andrea Jarrell from Sparkpoint Studio (e-book via NetGalley)
The Week I Ruined My Life by Caroline Grace-Cassidy from Trafalgar Square Publishing

What could be in YOUR (e-)mail:

Jack with a Twist
by Brenda available for Kindle!

Thanks to Brenda, we have THREE e-books for some lucky readers.


A little pre-wedding anxiety is normal for every bride, and Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller isn't worried. She's got the loving support of the world's greatest guy, so planning her nuptials should be a piece of cake.

But that was yesterday.

Today, Brooke's landed her first big case and has just discovered that the opposing attorney is none other than her fiancĂ©, Jack. But that's okay. These two professionals aren't going to let a little courtroom sparring get their legal briefs in a bunch.… Right? Wrong! Now Jack's pulling every dirty trick in the law books, and Brooke's starting to suspect that maybe he isn't the man she thought he was. Warring with her fiancĂ© at work and at home, Brooke realizes that she'll have to choose between the case of her life, or actually having a life.
(Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

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Giveaway ends August 23rd at midnight EST.


Janine said...

Jack Black is my favorite Jack.

Margie Shaw said...

I guess my brother-in-law, Jack would have to be my favorite.

Liz Parker said...

Jack Nicholson is my favorite Jack.

Also I got P.S. from Paris in the mail too - looks good :).

Shannon S said...

Jack Nicholson -he's a good actor!!

susieqlaw said...

One of my favorite teacher's name is Jack.

diannekc said...

My friend's son is named Jack. He's a great kid.

diannekc said...
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Anna loomis Russell said...

Jack on nightmare before Christmas

bn100 said...

Jack Nicholson

Jilleenhays said...

My Uncle Jack!


Laura S Reading said...

My dad, Jack is no longer with us, but my niece Jack (named after him) is my favorite living Jack!