Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tess Woods' travel a book giveaway

We're thrilled to have Tess Woods back at CLC to feature her sophomore novel, Beautiful Messy Love. Melissa A enjoyed Love at First Flight (reviewed here) and is excited to see what Tess has up her sleeve for us this time. Tess is here to finish off shopping month for us and she has one e-book to give away!

Tess Woods is a physiotherapist who lives in Perth, Australia, with one husband, two children, one dog and one cat who rules over them all. When she isn’t working or being a personal assistant to her kids, Tess enjoys reading and all kinds of granny-ish pleasures like knitting, baking, drinking tea and tending to the veggie patch. She’s also moderately obsessed with the TV series Nashville and taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Visit Tess at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What happens when love and loyalty collide? Two couples must deal with the consequences of their messy love not just for themselves but for those who depend on them. For lovers of passionate romance in the vein of Nicolas Sparks.

When football star Nick Harding hobbles into the Black Salt Cafe the morning after the night before, he is served by Anna, a waitress with haunted-looking eyes and no interest in footballers famous or otherwise. Nick is instantly drawn to this exotic, intelligent girl. But a relationship between them risks shame for her conservative refugee family and backlash for Nick that could ruin his career.

Meanwhile, Nick's sister, Lily, is struggling to finish her medical degree. When she meets Toby, it seems that for the first time she is following her heart, not the expectations of others. Yet what starts out as a passionate affair with a man who has just buried his wife slips quickly into dangerous dependency. 

Through attraction, breakups, triumphs and tragedies, these two couples learn just how much their beautiful messy love might cost. A
West Side Story for the modern day.

Where did you enjoy shopping most when you were a kid/teen?
Without question at bookshops. I would spend hours in bookshops – whether it was looking up new releases or going to second hand bookshops and picking up classics.

Last item you purchased online:
I do ALL my shopping online, I don’t have time to shop in person so I online shop almost every day – for groceries, everything I need for the house, my kids, gifts, you name it, I online shop it. Today I bought mermaid dollies for two special little toddlers in Melbourne, I designed a set of bibs that said “Buy one” and “Get one free” for my cousin’s twin babies and I bought my daughter Lara three pairs of leggings from Black Milk Clothing which is one of my favourite Australian labels. She had worn her old ones out so these are the ones we’re looking forward to getting in the mail next week for her- I especially love the Daily Prophet Harry Potter design!

Least favorite thing to shop for.
Pet worming tablets. Honestly is there anything more miserable to spend money on than pet worming tablets?

Most amusing purchase:
I buy a lot of jokey gifts for friends. So we’re often in stitches at my day job in the physiotherapy clinic when my purchases arrive. I particularly love this “Happy Man” bottle stopper we bought for a few friends at Christmas.

What store that no longer exists would you like to bring back?
The DVD store that was across the road from my house. It’s now a personal training studio. I don’t want exercise equipment I will NEVER use across the road, I want Hollywood at my fingertips dammit!

Do you like to purchase souvenirs when you travel? If so, what do you usually get?
Haha, ah yes. My husband will attest to the fact that I like to buy many, many souvenirs when we travel. Sadly for him the things I want tend to be heavy – as in wooden wall plaques from France, woollen full size blankets from Scotland, trestle table tablecloths from Italy – if it’s big and inconvenient, you can guarantee I will want it! Here’s a glimpse inside our world when we travel, we’re only a family of four, but hubby has to hire min-buses when we travel to accommodate my souvenir-ing ☺

Thanks to Tess for chatting with us and sharing her book with our readers.

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Janine said...

I detest shopping for food.

Jennifer C said...

I don't like going to's so crowded and just overwhelming.

Linda Kish said...

I agree with Jennifer C. Walmart has to be the worst place to shop. The parking lot may be worse than the store.

diannekc said...

I like shopping at bookstores. I also don't like shopping at Wal Mart.

susieqlaw said...

I do not enjoy bathing suit shopping.

Melanie Backus said...

I don't like shopping for appliances.

dstoutholcomb said...

I don't like shopping for sports gear with the boys


bn100 said...


Leslie Waters said...

I don't like shopping with all my children at once. They want to many things that way.

Anna loomis Russell said...

Last thing I bought was canister set for my daughter's wedding

A. B. said...

It's tough for me to do almost any kind of shopping when I'm reeeally not in the mood for it. ...That seems kind of "duh," though. :)
I haven't been to a shopping mall in a VERY long time, but I can't imagine that I'd enjoy it much at all. Definitely not in the way that I did when I was a teenager!