Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Review: Waiting for Ethan

By Sara Steven

Gina Rossi has been waiting for Ethan. Her Ethan. The one her best friend’s psychic grandmother, Ajee, had predicted for her, back when Gina was just a preteen. Others would scoff and probably not take heed to some silly prediction from years ago, but Gina had witnessed the abilities first-hand. So much of what Ajee foretold really did come true. It’s enough to make Gina wait. And wait.

At thirty-six, Gina finally runs into Ethan, in one of the most bizarre of circumstances. He’s nothing like what she thought he’d be, and his personal life is nothing short of messy. Running concurrently is the budding friendship she’s developing at work with a fellow coworker. Someone who she never thought she’d be interested in, or more importantly, would be interested in her. But he’s no Ethan. And, he never will be. So why does she feel so drawn to him?

I felt as though Waiting For Ethan is a story about unrequited love, loss, and the hope in finding that one special person, the one who makes you feel complete. Only, what if the person you’ve been destined for practically your whole life, isn’t really the one for you? Do you really need someone to make you feel complete? Or, is giving up only giving up on potential happiness?

When I delved into this book, I had a really hard time focusing on anything else. I didn’t want to put it down. I could totally relate to Gina, having been in situations myself where I questioned the validity of a relationship, having a difficult time separating my head from my heart. It’s so easy to say what should be done, vs. doing it. This was an honest look at a struggle within a woman who has to decide on what’s most important: loving Ethan, or loving herself.

Thanks to Kensington for the book in exchange for an honest review.


Diane B. said...

Thanks for the review!!

Janine said...

This sounds really good.