Thursday, June 11, 2015

Go-To-Gay: Sentimental Soul

Gary and Rose
Introduction by Tracey Meyers

My shot glass collection started sort of as a joke. A friend of mine, at the time, was traveling for work. Meanwhile, she was going through a hard time and I was there for her to lean on. The job my friend had required her to travel to random cities in the Midwest. One day while I was over at her place hanging out, ​she handed me a bag and told me it was a "thank you" present for always being there for her. In the box were three shot glasses. I laughed because they were for places I knew I would never get a chance to visit. The next thing I knew I was asking others to get me a shot glass when they went on vacation to a place I'd never been to and didn't think I'd have a chance to see in person. My collection has grown quite a bit since the original three shot glasses, and the rate at which I acquire them has slowed down a lot. No matter how many I accumulate, I always look back at the first three shot glasses and chuckle because that is how my collection initially got started.

Today, our Go-To-Gay, Gary Edwards, talks about a collection of items that is special to him.

Connecting and collecting

Wade and I are blessed to travel on book tours and meet wonderful people from all over the country. I love helping him with his events, especially when he is signing books. We get to hear so many great conversations and learn about people, their lives and also how Wade’s books connect with them.

As a collector of many things, I think it is so cool and amazing that Wade touches people through writing and that his readers collect his books and also get signed copies. Books are among other things I love to collect. I am getting ready to build yet another shelf for our books. We have been very fortunate to meet many other writers and get them to sign books to us. I can’t imagine if I only had e-books: How would I look at them, display them and hold the memory of meeting the author or reading the great book?

Why yes, it WAS signed by "Blanche Deveraux!" 
(Side note: This picture was unknowingly sent to Melissa A 
on the five-year anniversary of Rue's passing.)

I am a sentimental soul. I think collections of dishes, vases, flower starts from friends and family are among my favorite things to collect. It reminds me of our past, reminds me of the person and also gives me a new memory each time I use them.

Anything I collect I use. I love it and use it and I think it helps show my personality. Memories are great but also it is about sharing and creating new memories.

This past weekend I cut a lovely clump of white snow ball flowers from a start my Mom gave me. I plucked down a teal Mc Coy vase my dear friend Rose gave me and displayed the vase and arrangement on an old tea towel of Wade’s Mom’s. I brought 3 wonderful women together in one single space and time.

Wade’s Mom is no longer with us, but I knew she was there and I thought of all the times she used that towel. My friend Rose came over for the weekend and saw the beautiful display of flowers in the vase she had given me. That day both Rose and I remembered and also created new memories by kicking off summer with other dear friends.

Everything is always changing and creating new memories and mixing them with the old is what life is all about. You can never duplicate life, you can just create new ways, new stories and cherish the old.

I would love it if you would share with me your favorite collections and let me know what you hold near and dear to your heart. May you create many wonderful memories with family and friends this summer.

Gary Edwards is the marketing and events manager for bestselling author Wade Rouse. Edwards arranges Rouse’s tour schedule, speaking engagements as well as coordinates and facilitates his writing workshops and retreats.  Additionally, Edwards has helped market and promote all five of Rouse’s books. Edwards also has a background in hospitality, and sales as well as design.   With his vast professional background and a love to listen and help friends he is a perfect storm of love and nurture. Edwards is Martha Stewart meets Dear Abby with a dash of Mrs. Doubtfire.  For more, please friend him on Facebook and Twitter.


Janine said...

I collect so many things, I border on being a pack rat.

Carol Fragale Brill said...

I've been told I'm a great listener since I was a teen. Turned that talent into a career as a leadership coach. And, it comes in handy as a writer when I people watch to help develop character actions and traits