Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sarah Colonna brings on the laughs...plus a book giveaway

Photo from Sarah's Instagram
Today we introduce the hilarious Sarah Colonna. Sarah was a popular roundtable regular on the late night talk show, Chelsea Lately. She also served as a full time writer on the show, as well as a producer, writer and star of the show’s spin-off scripted series After Lately. Sarah appeared in the movie Back in the Day, alongside Nick Swardson, Harland Williams, Morena Baccarin and many others. See more of her other TV and movie appearances here.

Her first book, Life as I Blow it, debuted at number five on the New York Times Bestseller list. It was also sold to NBC to be developed for television with producers Happy Madison two years in a row. Sarah continues to tour across the country headlining comedy clubs regularly. She’s appeared on several other TV shows, including The United States of Tara, Scare Tactics, and Monk, and was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Sarah is here on her pub day to help us finish off "Books and Reading Month," and Gallery Books is giving away a copy of her latest book, Has Anyone Seen My Pants? to TWO lucky winners in the US and/or Canada!

You can learn more about Sarah by visiting her at her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Synopsis of Has Anyone Seen My Pants?:

How does a gal with a successful career, great friends, and a razor-sharp wit find herself wandering pants-less through the hallways of a casino hotel in Iowa on New Year’s Eve?

Ask Sarah Colonna.

Has Anyone Seen My Pants? is a laugh-out-loud trip around America (and Mexico!) with Sarah as she braves crying in nail salons, mother-daughter road trips, Iowan casinos, and single-shaming resorts. From a fling-gone-wrong to friend breakups and a new romance, Sarah’s signature wit and sharp observations take you on a journey at once so deviously funny and surprisingly compassionate that it might just steal your heart—not to mention your pants.

What book do you think everyone must read at least once in their lives? 
Old Yeller, just to make sure you aren't dead inside. If you don't cry, you have your answer.

If you could only have one book with you on an island, which would it be? 
Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan. It made me laugh so hard, and if I could only have one book, I'd want it to be one that made me laugh a lot.

What book genre would surprise someone if you told them you read it? 
 Medical/Homicide thrillers-(is that an actual genre?) Specifically, Tess Gerritsen. I'm too afraid to watch scary movies, but I love her books so much. And this was before Rissoli & Isles became a TV show, just for the record! I will also read any book about JFK, which I think always surprises people.

What book should be made into a movie? Should never be made into a movie? 
Was She's Come Undone ever made into a movie? I don't think it was-right? And I think it should be. For the latter, I'd say all of the Real Housewives books.

Which book would make a great TV series?
 Has Anyone Seen My Pants? by Sarah Colonna. Have you guys ever heard of her? She's pretty!

Do you read books if you've seen the movie version first?
 I do sometimes. I usually like to read the book first, but I did see American Sniper and still haven't read the book. I know, I know...

Thanks to Sarah for chatting with us and to Gallery Books for sharing her book with our readers.

How to win: Use Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you have trouble using Rafflecopter on our blog, enter the giveaway here.

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US/Canada only. Giveaway ends April 5th at midnight EST.


Janine said...

A book that I would love to see made into a movie would be anything by Anita Hughes. She writes books with great characters and exotic locations.

Unknown said...

Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting. It has it all. It would be awesome.

cpr040304 said...

Wonder by R. J. Palacio, a wonderful book for all ages. Would make a great movie.

susieqlaw said...

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio

Shelby N. said...

Ohh, I can think of lots! At the top of my list is probably The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson. I bet it would make an excellent movie!

traveler said...

A move which would be wonderful is Recipe for Disaster. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Nova said...

i would love to see the Brennan sisters novels by Jane Porter become a television series. they are full of family, love & drama.

jodi marinich said...

i would love to see travis by nicole edwards made into a movie

Viv V. said...

I think The 13th Gift by Joanne Huist Smith would make a wonderful Christmas movie.

Unknown said...

Wow, I can think of so many! I'd most love to see Me Before You by Jojo Moyes as a movie.

bn100 said...

BDB series by JR Ward

Rhonda J G said...

I think The Goldfinch would make a good movie.