Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bree Darcy is someone we want to mention....plus a book giveaway

We are pleased to have Bree Darcy here at CLC, as we have been co-hosting with her on the International Chick Lit Month blog for the past three years. That's right, some of you avid readers and blog followers may already know her as Stephanie Pegler of Chicklit Club! Did you know that she also published the websites Connect and We Heart Writing? In the past, she worked as a newspaper sub-editor in Perth, Australia, for about twenty years. She lives in that area with her husband and three kids. Bree is here today to talk about her debut novel, Don't Mention the Rock Star, and to give away an e-book to a lucky reader anywhere in the world! We love connecting with bloggers who are equally passionate about chick lit, and we hope you will visit her fabulous blog, if you haven't already done so. You can find Bree at her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Synopsis of Don't Mention the Rock Star:
They fell in love in an instant … so why have they spent a lifetime apart?

As a teenager Kellie dated an American boy but circumstances meant they went their separate ways. Now he’s back and she’s so tempted to see him again. But two decades have passed and they are both married with children.

And the last thing a celebrity reporter like her needs is the world finding out about her past relationship with a rock star. Especially as Kellie’s husband doesn’t even know she once dated AJ Dangerfield, lead singer of legendary band Danger Game. And she has no intention of him finding out. EVER.

As Kellie deals with a demanding boss, a bullied son, an infuriating mother-in-law and a best friend who won’t act her age, she finds herself playing a dangerous game. What will happen if her two worlds collide? And is it possible that first love never fades?

In one sentence, what was the road to publishing like for you?
An uphill battle but well worth the effort.

Which authors have inspired you?
I have always had a soft spot for the Irish authors such as Marian Keyes, Monica McInerney (originally from Australia), Cecelia Ahern and Melissa Hill. Something in the water over there seems to give them a flair for intriguing storytelling with memorable, quirky and fun characters. Always guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

What are your biggest motivations to write? What keeps you going?
The story behind Don't Mention the Rock Star came to me out of the blue from I don't know where and these characters wouldn't quit bugging me until I got their story down. Knowing that you now have an avenue to release your book outside a traditional publishing deal definitely motivated me to keep going when the going got tough. The whole process was such a satisfying achievement that I definitely want to add to my catalogue, so book No. 2 is now underway.

If Don't Mention the Rock Star were made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
This is a question I have asked of some many other writers myself but never once considered how difficult it is to answer because although I can easily picture these characters in my head, they don't represent actual actors. I have to admit I cheated and asked someone else who'd read the book to cast Kellie and Andy, both in their teen/early-20s years and their current-day almost fortysomethings. Disney star Bella Thorne and comedy actress Leslie Mann are the picks for showbiz reporter Kellie, while I agree that Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey and Orlando Bloom are close to how I envisaged the rock star.

What is the last movie you saw that you'd recommend to others?
It was Home for Christmas, based on Cally Taylor's novel about a girl who works at a small movie theatre that is about to be taken over by a big multiplex chain. It's a lovely rom-com and I can only imagine how exciting it was for Cally to see her story up on the big screen. The last movie I wanted to see but couldn't was Love, Rosie, based on my all-time favourite Cecelia Ahern book. It came out during my daughter's exams and by the time we found a free evening to go together three weeks later, its run had finished! It's ridiculous how quickly these cinemas move these movies in and out of their schedules.

If you could live anywhere in the world, besides where you’re currently living, where would it be, and why?
I love warm weather so if I had the money I would follow the sun, travelling north for their summer. I lived in England for about a year and while the people, culture and the proximity to Europe were fantastic, I definitely couldn't handle their dismal weather for long. The only other place I've ever really considered living is the other side of Australia, in Sydney. I've been there a couple of times and adore the place. It's such a vibrant city with a gorgeous harbour setting and beaches. Only problem is more than half my family want to stay put in Perth and it's also the only other place in Australia that's even more expensive to live than here!

Thanks to Bree for visiting with us and sharing her book with our readers.

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Janine said...

I don't watch a lot of movies and the ones I did watch didn't get a nomination.

Jessica said...

I loved Horrible Bosses 2 but it would never get an Oscar, lol.

susieqlaw said...

Twenty Feet From Stardom

Liz Parker said...

Quite a random question but I feel as a movie blogger I'm equipped to answer it :P. I loved Whiplash and was surprised to see it get an Oscar nom, I'm rooting for that + JK Simmons for the win.

This book sounds good, also! Adding to my Goodreads TBR.

Maureen said...

I liked Fury but my husband did not.

holdenj said...

I have seen zero of the movies up for Oscars so far this year! We just watched (finally!) Captain America, Winter Soldier, to show you how behind we are!

bn100 said...

haven't seen any recently to recommend

Viv V. said...

I really enjoyed Maleficent.

Mary Preston said...

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was a lot of fun. I would recommend.